The Main Principles of Leveling up and Developing a Hero in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW continues its development path and has long moved away from the canons of old and hardcore updates, which relied on long gameplay, instead of accelerated progress in gaining levels and mining gold and resources.

You have the right to choose any character and faction that suits your character, and not just its relevance for a group hunt, or the current meta.

If you are going to play alone and don’t like getting wotlk boost in groups, then choose classes that can play independently and achieve results in quest leveling, grinding, raids and even PVP, like on

A warrior or archer may be suitable as stable characters for dealing physical damage from close or long range. The warrior will have the opportunity once every time to activate abilities that will significantly increase damage for a short time. The archer simply destroys many enemies from a long distance due to his skills and powerful shots.

The mage is highly dependent on mana, but has high damage to targets, both single and group.

A faction must be chosen solely based on appearance and internal preferences, because apart from appearance there is no serious difference between them and for World of Warcraft Classic boosting as well.

Choose a horde if you like more brutal and warlike heroes and an alliance if you like races that are close to the classic variation of people.

You can choose a support class, but your WOTLK boosting will be limited and dependent on group hunting and the quest system, because grinding on your own will be difficult.

Leveling up


Many players will not want to modify their gameplay in any way or come up with new ideas for its implementation and increasing levels, and will use the traditional format that the developers from Blizzard have prepared for them for their classic version of World of Warcraft.

Quests are always a step-by-step model with their own tasks and rewards, which any player can follow, regardless of their focus of action – be it an attacking class, a support class, or a tank.

Such quests bring a stable amount of experience and gold, but depend solely on your speed of killing the necessary monsters and completing orders from local NPCs,

Minor quests

These are tasks that have nothing to do with the story mode and are needed for an additional source of gold and boosting in World of Warcraft Classic.

They are not always useful and profitable, and before accepting such quests, you need to check all the rewards and the amount of experience that you will receive for completing them and find out the preliminary location where you need to come to start completing all the tasks.

In an ideal format, it is better for you to combine story tasks, all secondary ones, which can be completed in the same location and at the same time grind and leave the territory only after outgrowing it in level, or when your inventory is completely filled.



For games in which experience and gold production are difficult, you need to fully engage in grinding in order to receive not only WOTLK boosting, but also by collecting resources and weapons to continue your development.

All you need for successful grinding is to find a location that optimally suits your level. To do this, the monsters must be 3–5 levels higher than your hero.

Until you are equal to them in level, you will have the maximum chance of getting valuable items when killing each monster.

When you already begin to surpass all the monsters in the game location, you need to change the hunting territory, because the chance of a drop and the total amount of experience will decrease significantly.

The second criterion for choosing a location should concern the type of monsters and the characteristics of your hero.

An archer can attack enemies that are far away from each other and not waste time closing the distance, while such conditions are not suitable for a warrior, and he needs to find places where he can quickly gather groups of enemies and kill them using mass skills.

The magician also needs conditions with groups of monsters that can be quickly destroyed and at the same time somewhere there will be a safe point for mana regeneration, in which he needs to sit on the ground and wait until the resources are replenished, avoiding any type of impact until the mana is replenished.


In such games, in which you need to farm gold for a very long time and get leveling in World of Warcraft Classic, raids begin to play a big role.

These are dungeons in which dangerous bosses and their retinue live, and if you, as part of a battle group, can destroy them, then you will gain a lot of experience and provide yourself with leveling in World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King and valuable rewards and types of weapons that are often impossible get it another way.

You need to properly form a group that can cope with the attacks of the bosses and all his guards, and for this you need a tank and a healer, a buffer and attacking characters of all types.

Raids will vary in difficulty level and to gain access to them, you need to regularly complete the previous level.

At the beginning there will be a normal difficulty – this is a basic raid, which serves as an introductory phase rather than a difficult one. You need to get used to the boss’s unique attacks and learn how to counter them, as well as quickly destroy his entire retinue to reduce the load on the tank and healer.

The next difficulty level will be Heroic – a format in which you will receive more damage from the dungeon leader and must put more effort into defeating the enemy, but the reward will be of a higher level and quality.

The last, third level of difficulty will be Mythic – the most difficult format, which will require a large group of players and constant monitoring of all the actions and skills of the boss in order to react to them in time. In a Mythic difficulty raid, any mistake can lead to the raid ending in failure, due to the fact that all the key players who can ensure the resurrection of the characters will die.

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