How Modern Technology is Benefiting Online Shoppers

Technology affects every single aspect of our lives, therefore it is not surprising to hear that it affects our shopping as well. Mostly, technology innovations are playing a very important role in the interaction between sellers and shoppers. In addition to this, technology also allowed brands to improve their online presence, build their name, and improve reputation and credibility.

On the other hand, technology is providing customers and consumers to be informed constantly about new trends, services, and goods. Everything is now available to them through their mobile devices. Both sides benefited after adopting new changes. In fact, their overall experiences are fulfilled. Every day there are new evolving and improvements in this field. However, let’s take a look at some of the ways technology has transformed online shopping.

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Live video shopping

One of the greatest technological advancements that we wanted to introduce you with refers to is live video shopping. This concept is based on the live interaction feature. Best of all is that this idea became incredibly popular in the shopping industry. Technology truly has grown in a very effective and desirable way. This type of innovation changed the shopping process completely. In addition to this, the prediction for live video shopping is that it is going to rule the market in the coming years. Live video shopping is also known as live streaming or live eCommerce. You can learn more at about this.
However, let’s explain what exactly this technology stands for and how it revolutionized the way people are purchasing their desirable items. Basically, live video shopping represents a growing trend that all top companies and brands are now using with the purpose to advertise their products and selling them through live video calls. There are so many different online digital platforms through which this can be implemented. Additionally, all of those popular companies are using the help of influencers to achieve their goal and to highlight their products to the customers.

They are displaying products to the potential target customers and promoting those products. At the same time, through live stream, they are providing them with real-time advice and presentation of the product. The person who presents the product has the opportunity to directly interact with the people that are watching the live streaming video. At that moment, a presenter has the unique opportunity to persuade people to buy items right away through one single click. This is a very fast and effective way of purchasing things.
Best of all it is beneficial for both sides. People that are potential buyers are having significantly improved interactive experiences through this technology feature. Instead o standard self-service shopping, they can now enjoy virtual shopping. Through the live streaming video, they can even ask whatever they want about the product from the comfort of their home. This is a very convenient way of purchasing items that allows a lot of flexibility.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Assistants

One more great technology innovation that improved the way people are purchasing things is augmented reality. The short-term for this is AR and many stores are not adopting this trend. It is launched with the purpose of imroving the customers’ shopping experience and it also results in higher sellings. Now, let’s explain what this trend actually represents. Currently, a couple of companies and brands have implemented this innovation. Augmented reality stands for the idea of magic mirrors. This means that customers after they enter the store can sit in front of the mirror that will scan their faces.

After the scanning process, this technology will apply the most suitable cosmetics and accessories virtually. In fact, it has the option of combining multiple products so it can produce more looks for the client. The customer, after seeing a couple of proposed appearances on the screen can select the products they like the most. This is such a quick, simple, and flexible way of purchasing things that people love.

Many people hate the shopping process because it often requires a lot of time. It can truly be frustrating to try so many things and apply different products in order to choose the one that will suit that person in the greatest way. Now, there is no need for trying out things and testing different products. One more great augmented reality feature that some sports brands have launched is the fact that people can now create their own unique products from the scratch.

Besides that, some stores are offering people artificial robotic assistants that can appear on the screen and provide all necessary information and details, suggestions, and guidance to the people. In fact, people can ask the robot everything they are curious about some products and they will get the answers. Even though this entire concept of shopping where artificial intelligence and robotics are included is not yet achieved completely, the experience of the customers is going to be incredible when all companies adopt this trend.

Behavioral analytics

Finally, the last thing that we prepared for you refers to behavioral customer analytics. There are in fact a couple of ways and methods for analyzing data linked to online customers. Additionally, a lot of different areas are examined and tested including site visitors, completed transactions, and some other things.

With the help of behavioral analysis of data, the eCommerce industry has the opportunity to gather as many important details and information about their clients. After they collect those details and examine them, they can improve the customer online experience, meet their requirements, and satisfy their needs.

Behavioral analytics is using customers’ purchasing history, their contacts with the customer service, and some other details in order to find more about them and their needs. After that, they can recommend specific products and services to the different target groups of customers. This is a good way to improve marketing, advertising as well as the supply chain.

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