How Often Should a Litter Box be Scooped?

A litter box is a necessity for cat owners. If they don’t, their house will be a complete mess. In addition to this, only a single litter box won’t be enough. Even if you have a single cat, you should get at least two boxes. In this way, your cat will be able to pee and poop in a dry place. Moreover, you will have more time for cleanup. You won’t need to clean the box daily.

And when buying the litter box, you get plenty of options to choose from. But one of the best ones is the wood pellet litter. It is natural and provides amazing absorbance. So if your cat does not like artificial pellets or if it is allergic to them, you can try out the wooden one.

MaineCoonHawaii has written a complete article on these pellets. They will tell you the details about the making of these litter and how will you use them.

So how often will you clean up the boxes?


Before learning about cleanup time, you should know how much cats pee and poop. Usually, the pee timing is two to four times a day. Therefore, if there is only a single litter box, it won’t be enough for two cats.

Peeing habits

However, this pee timing also depends on the fluid intake. If your cat is dehydrated, it won’t pee that much. This is also a sign that your cat is dehydrated and needs more fluid intake.

Furthermore, the pee timing also depends on the temperature of your home and the age of the cat. So if you want to ensure good cat health, you have to know it too. You should be aware of its age, health and peeing and pooping habits. This will help you a lot with managing proper hygiene.

Pooping habits

Usually, cats poop only once a day. But twice a day is also a normal thing. It shows that your cat is eating more and has a healthy gut. Proper digestion is a key to better health. Furthermore, kittens have different habits as compared to grown-up cats. Therefore, you should assess them differently. If you have a kitten, it might poop more. Likewise, it can pee more because they tend to relieve themselves.

As kittens grow up, they tend to change their relieving habits by controlling them for more time. So you do not have to worry if there is something like this.

But if your pet is ill or has diarrhea, it will use it more. And during this time, you will need to ensure proper cleanup. Diarrhea will result in thin a watery poop and it will smell more. Furthermore, the cat will also poop more than its normal habit. So you can get it to the vet and change the pellets when seem necessary.

A wooden litter box

If you are using wooden pallets, you won’t need too much cleaning. They are more absorbent and therefore, require less cleanup. However, you still need to pay attention to the use of that box.

If you have a cat and it has a healthy gut, you might clean up the litter once in two days. Likewise, with more litter boxes in your home, you can relax for three or four days. But you should look out for solids. If your cat poops twice a day, you will need to scoop the solids once a day.

So you will have to give some of your time to observe your pets.

But as a daily cleanup, you should scoop up the solids once a day. Also, shake the pellets to let them mix and move.

As a weekly cleanup habit,

You should change the entire batch of pellets and fill the box with new ones. But if you have a single cat, you can make it a practice once every two weeks or even longer.

Regular litter boxes

Regular litter boxes are used widely, as they are easy to buy and are commonly used. Although wooden pallets are quite better than the regular ones, but they are also good enough.

So if you are a cat owner, you should check the box twice a day. It will let you know if the box needs a cleanup or not. If there is solid poop, scooping it out once a day is good enough. If you leave it for more time, it will only cause a bad odor and will stink. Thus, it will cause problems for the cat as well as the people living in the house.

After scooping the litter, you should dump them in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash can. Or you can simply flush it in the toilet.

Changing the pellets

Apart from scooping the clumps, you should also change the pellets once a week or once every two weeks. It depends upon the usage. So if the pellets can last for two weeks, you do not have to change them quite often.

And while you are changing the pellets, you should clean up the litter box too. The best solution is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

This paste is good enough to get rid of any stains in the box. Vinegar helps in getting rid of foul smells and odors. Thus, it will disinfect the litter box and your cat can have proper hygiene.

Simply rub this paste on the inside of the box with the help of a brush. Afterward, wash it with water. If not for vinegar, you can also use a paste made from water and baking soda. It will also clean the box quite well. Furthermore, you can also get scented litter pellets from the market. so if you do not want any foul smell in your home, this could be a better choice.

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