How To Achieve That Glossy Eyeshadow

Glossy eyeshadow. This is a makeup look you can see so much online but then you forget about. It’s one of those looks that you want to try but aren’t sure if it’s right for you.

How To Get That Wet Eyeshadow Look?

So let’s talk about it and in this short piece show you the best way on how to achieve that glossy eyeshadow look. A primer is recommended to extend the life of your foundation. And the same goes for eye makeup. Make sure you have enough. Avoid slippery and hydrating formulas. Choose a crease-proof formula that is designed to prolong the life of regular powder eyeshadows. They’re a must-have for anyone with glossy eyes.

Next, apply your chosen shadow. Any type of eyeshadow can be used, but avoid glitter particles that are too large or too small as they could move once the gloss has been applied.

Here’s the fun part. You need to make sure that you don’t get something that is too sticky. Stickiness can only increase as you open and close your eyes. You probably have something that you can use to replace the gloss in your makeup bag. To achieve a that wet look on the lid, apply it carefully with your fingers. For a more precise finish, she suggests using a small concealer brush to apply it in a thick layer. Make sure that you don’t get it in your eye at this step.

You need to make sure that the rest of your makeup goes with you eyeshadow Avoid glowing skin. All that shine and gloss could lead to disco ball territory. For any quick touch-ups, make sure to carry your eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye shadow brush, and lip gloss with you before you head out. The gloss can cause some slipping, sliding and creasing, but this is easily fixed.

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