How to Avoid Wedding Proposal Jitters

You might be familiar with wedding jitters. Most people feel nervous on their wedding day or the days leading up to it. The truth is the same can happen to a proposal. So when you’re ready to pop the question, here’s how to avoid the jitters.

Be positive

Sure, you worry about your partner declining your offer. It’s the same with any other proposal. There’s a good chance that yours will get declined. However, you can’t dwell on that possibility. If you’re confident about what you share, your partner will most likely say yes. Think about the life you will build together, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Buy the best ring

No one can decline a beautiful engagement ring. If you want to offer the best diamond ring, you can click here and start shopping. The choice of the ring reflects how much you know and love her. Take your time to look for the best one online or in local stores. Finding the right ring will be easy if you know her personality well. Then, when you show her that sparkling diamond ring, she will only say yes.

Be sincere

Another reason for feeling nervous is you practice what to say. You wanted to say the right words and decided to outline your speech. While there’s nothing bad about it, you should also be sincere. When your feelings are true, these words will come out of your mouth naturally. Sincerity will help you build your case and make your partner say yes.

Avoid being too gimmicky

Throwing tons of gimmicks during the proposal is becoming a trend. Many people even do it publicly. With this strategy, there’s a risk of getting humiliated in front of many people. Hence, you will feel nervous if you decide to take this route. If possible, avoid doing such gimmicks. Instead, focus on sincerity and intimacy. These flash mob proposals might seem fun and memorable, but they’re too risky. You’re also placing her on the spot since she might not express how she truly feels.

Sleep a night before the proposal

Don’t be too excited that you’re finally popping the question. You deserve to get some rest. You also want to look your best as you ask your fiancé’s hand in marriage. You might even have a short speech before asking the question. You can’t mess it up because you didn’t get enough sleep. Of course, you must set your alarm or you will miss the big event.

Don’t think about other people

You worry about what other people might think of your decision. They might not approve of the relationship. Your close friends might even think you’re making the wrong decision. However, they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is your partner. You want to get that sweet yes and no one else should stop you from doing so. If other people’s views are more important for you, your decision to get married is probably not right. You should wait for a few more months to give it a thought or end the relationship. When you get married, you become one. Your partner’s views should be the priority. The two of you will go through the flow of life as a team. You must be on the same page as soon as you get married. If that’s not where you are now, something isn’t right.

Prepare for any response

While you might be confident of the answer, there’s no guarantee it will be positive. Of course, a no on your question spells the end of your relationship. There’s no way around it. Regardless, you must prepare for the response. Your partner is probably not for you, and this wedding isn’t meant to be. You can never fully prepare for it, but you must acknowledge it could happen. If it’s positive, realize that it’s only the beginning of the journey. You still have to plan the wedding. You will also form a life together as a married couple. Your life will change. You will consider your partner’s perspectives when you make critical decisions.

Don’t overthink it

Since it’s a milestone in your life, you can’t stop thinking about it. You have different emotions as the proposal is approaching. However, you can’t overthink it, as you will only feel more nervous if your mind is about what will happen. Go to work as usual and think of it as just an ordinary day. When everything is ready, you should have nothing else to worry about. You might also say the wrong words when you can’t stop thinking about it.

Propose only when the wedding is a part of the conversation

You won’t feel too worried about a potential proposal decline if you only do it after having wedding talks. You might have already started wedding conversations when you’ve been together for a while. It’s only a matter of time before you decide to tie the knot. If you’re new to the relationship and are still getting to know each other, there’s no need to rush. Again, you want to avoid putting your partner on the spot and accepting your proposal. When the proposal doesn’t end well, it could also mean the end of a budding relationship. Be wise in determining when to pop the question. It pays to wait.

With these tips, you will feel more confident about the proposal. There are no guarantee things will end the way you want, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you’re unsure about the proposal, don’t rush. Wait until you’re sure about how you and your partner feel.

Hopefully, you will receive a big yes. You will have more to share as a couple. The journey is only beginning and will only improve as you move forward. Enjoy the relationship and allow it to help each of you grow. Not everything will be perfect, but you can always work with one another to strengthen the relationship.

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