How To Pronounce The Brand Names Right

You must have been in a situation where your friend correct you when you pronounce the name of a certain brand in a wrong way. Or, you were in situation where you were sure that you are pronouncing the certain brand’s name correctly only to find out on the TV that you had it wrong all the time.

We bet that you were pronouncing the Nivea as /ni-veh-a/. This would be wrong as well. The correct pronunciation would be /ni-vee-uh/.


Do not worry about this. The beauty brand products come from all corners of the world, and it is normal that you are not aware of the right pronunciation. To be honest, the majority or the products are coming from France and French language is quite difficult, right.  We have chosen the some products from Lancôme to L’Occitane and we broke them in how they are phonetically spelled to help you with the right pronunciation.

Here are our products of choice:

Acqua di Parma: /aqua-dee-parma/

Aesop: /ee-sop/

Alaïa: /a-lia/

Avene: /uh-ven/

Balenciaga: /bah-len-see-ah-gah/

Batiste: /bat-east/

Bvlgari: /bull-ga-ree/

Chantecaille: /shan-the-kigh/

Ciaté: /see-ah-tay/

Davines: /da-vi-ness/

Guinot: /gee-no/

Guerlain: /gher-lahn/

Givenchy: /jhee-von-shee/

Hermés: /er-mez/

Issey Miyake: /ee-say-mee-ah-kay/

We hope you enjoyed this. Some of you learn something new here, some of you maybe already knew how these products are pronounced. However, we are sure you enjoyed this.
If you have any products you are not sure how they are pronounced, let us know in the comment section.

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