How To Recycle Your Diptyque Candle Jars

Candle jars are a great thing to reuse and you have so many options to recycle these beautiful jars. Especially the Diptyque ones are great for an array of things around the house. So when you burned out that candle to the end, you need to repurpose it the right way.

So we are bringing a short tutorial how to do that!

The first step is that you need to get rid of any wax in the jar. Be sure that the glass is safe to handle and not hot. Then just remove all the wax with a spoon or a form. If you get any wax stuck to the bottom or the glass, you need to put the jar in some hot water. NOT BOILING though. Really hot water could crack the glass. After the wax softens, you max clean it out and wipe away the moisture or the softened wax.

With that you should have a clean jar that you can use for your makeup. We especially like these in the bathroom as they are super cute.


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