6 Tips For Improving Your Time Tracking As A Freelancer

Freelancing is challenging when you don’t know how to manage time. Many beginners face this issue due to a lack of knowledge. That is why you should consume more information regarding time tracking as a freelancer. Well, you can improve your time management through some simple tips. In this article, we will discuss them in detail. So, you can continue your journey of freelancing smoothly.

Time tracking is essential for every freelancer. The primary reason is that sometimes it becomes hard to complete the projects on time. You won’t face any troubles if you consider time management. Now, the main question is, how will you do the same? With technological developments, many websites are there to guide you. You will also find reliable software to manage your time efficiently. If you are searching for the best one, you can check here.

Some freelancers aren’t aware of the benefits of time management. You can earn more money and complete numerous projects if you manage your time well. You might want to know more about time tracking. So, without wasting any future time, let’s get started with the same.

How to improve your time management as a freelancer?


If you want to earn good money as a freelancer, you must know how to manage your time. Time tracking will help you achieve the goals you have since you started freelancing. Here are some tips that might be beneficial for you to follow-

  • Scheduling is necessary: The first tip you need to follow is to schedule your tasks and projects. By scheduling, we mean that you should divide your work according to the time you have. As freelancing is all about having flexible hours, people delay their work. You will have to face some troubles with your client if you don’t submit the projects on time.

There is no better way to make a schedule and follow it wisely. Sometimes, freelancers make the mistake of not taking every step according to their schedule. That is why their goal of creating a schedule becomes useless. If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you must consider it.

Scheduling is not challenging as it looks to some people. You can quickly make it by analyzing everything carefully. Also, note that it is essential to have some breaks while working. Otherwise, it will become tiring for you.

  • Note how much time you spend on other things: Another crucial tip that might help you manage your time is noting down what you do in your working days. For instance, some people often like to be active on social media platforms when they are free. Have you ever noticed the number of hours you usually spend? If not, you must do the same. In this way, you will get a better idea of managing your time as a freelancer.

Every work needs time. It doesn’t matter whether you are working for a company or freelancing. You have to be careful about how you spend your time. When you get some idea, you will quickly know how to stop continuing the bad habits of wasting time. You should not waste your time even if you are freelancing and there are no time boundaries. Otherwise, it will be challenging to earn well and improve your freelancing performance.


One tip to prevent wasting precious time on useless things is noting down everything in a diary. You have to be detailed about the activities you usually do while working. Once you have written everything, you can see whether it is good time management.

  • Overburdening is dangerous: You might have seen some people who work hard from day to night. Due to this, their health gets affected. Many medical researchers have found that people who sit on a chair for long hours have a high risk of getting severe diseases. You should take a few breaks in between and walk for some time. After that, you will notice how good it feels to get some walks from time to time. You will feel that your energy has regained somehow. It will benefit you a lot as a freelancer.

Sometimes, people agree to get more work at once. Then it becomes an issue when they don’t complete it on time. Instead of doing this, you should take the projects and work carefully by thinking about your budget.

  • Make use of time carefully: How does it matter if you are a freelancer? You should understand how to use your time to complete the projects and tasks before the deadline.

As we mentioned earlier, some freelancers are procrastinators. That is why it is essential to make use of time carefully. You have to write down everything on your schedule that you want to change about your entire day.

  • Install some applications: The technology has made it possible to use some applications. These tools are beneficial because you don’t need to do anything. These applications will give you all the advantages.

Some freelancers have already tried these applications and achieved their freelancing goals. All these applications are designed so that anyone can use them without any issues. You can quickly fix the time and your schedule by time tracking tools.


You might have to struggle and search a lot to find a reliable application to get started. Well, you can consider reading the reviews to get a better idea about which tool is good.

  • Get some people to work for you: You might already know how many people are into freelancing for their regular income. The best thing is you can also hire some freelancers for you. It might help save your time, and you can work on different projects simultaneously. But make sure to check your budget and other things before starting.

The Bottom Line


Managing time as a freelancer is not challenging as it seems to be. Yes, you have to focus on some things to improve it. Now, you can follow the tips discussed in this article and become great at it.

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