6 Reasons to Include Animated Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Any marketer out there knows that the competition is pretty steep, particularly when we’re talking about online marketing. There are numerous tools we can use in creating strategies, and it needs to be said that practically all of them have been used so far. So, we know how effective they are, more or less.

For many years, there wasn’t anything new in this field, until the appearance to introduce the concept of animated videos in the marketing strategy. Sure, video marketing is something all marketers are very well aware of. Still, including animation into the mix can make things much more interesting.

In case you do not have any experience with using these, we urge you to implement them whenever possible. Moreover, if you need help with making these videos, make sure you click here. Now, we want to discuss all the major reasons why including animated videos in your strategy can be beneficial.

1.  Simple Channel, Complex Message


First, we need to say that animated videos are a way to send a complex message in a relatively simple way. Just think about it, the crucial information about your brand could be told in a couple of seconds. When you compare it to text, which could take minutes, the advantage is pretty clear.

Not only that, but these usually tend to go step-to-step guidance, which makes it much easier for the viewers to comprehend the values and relevant points. Plus, you can send some messages that can help the viewers with how to use your services or products most efficiently.

Plus, we do not believe you should hesitate about including some interesting stats and facts in these videos. By adding these into the mix, you create a possibility to deepen the topic in the most beneficial ways. Viewers will certainly appreciate the effort you invested into making it entertaining and informative.

2.  Memorable Impression

Since this is a concept that hasn’t been present too much in marketing by now, it can create a memorable impression on the viewer. We all know how crucial it is for any business out there to make a lasting impression on both the potential and existing customers. Keep that in mind.

Of course, it is possible to achieve this only if the video was made in a way that can hit, let’s say, all the main targets. A key factor is to find an element that can assist with promoting your brand. We’re talking about focusing on elements that are tied with the products or services you’re providing to customers.

3.  Higher Viewership

We all know that the average internet user is, literally, bombarded with numerous sorts of content. Sure, pretty much all of these types are equally interesting and they provide many benefits. But when you take a look at it realistically, people usually look for something simple, informative, and engaging.

Various reports on this topic have stated that vision is the most dominant sense humans have. So, nobody should be surprised by the fact that most humans are visual learners. These reports say that almost 100% of the information we get through vision, compared to 20% of them through reading.

With creating visual content to be interesting, chances that some of the vital information will go past them are almost none. With that in mind, you can count on a high viewership, which is one of the goals. If you ask us, there’s practically no better method to promote your brand than this one.

4.  Keeping Customers Engaged

Nowadays, people do not have too much free time to commit to watching something they are not interested in. At the same time, we can see that confusing them with something too complex to understand cannot provide any sort of benefits to marketers.

For that reason, we want to point out that keeping them engaged is one of the priorities. You should understand that anyone is ready to commit their time to watching your content. That’s why we believe you should reward them with content that can keep them engaged. It is a win-win for both parties.

5.  Higher Conversion Rate


When we’re talking about the conversion rate, we do not believe there are many uncertainties about utilizing this method. Visitors who come across an interesting video are much less likely to abandon the website in the first five seconds, which is a big advantage for marketers.

According to some reports, roughly two-thirds of people will watch visual content until the end. So, not only that you can reap the benefit in two fields. First, the visitors will stay on the page for much longer, which leads to higher conversion, and the promotion will be much more effective.

Also, interesting content can push visitors to take a look at other pieces of content you’ve published. With them becoming more involved in the content itself, it becomes more obvious that your brand will have a chance to attract much more of them in the future.

6.  Connection with Customers

Finally, we want to address the reason why we believe animated videos can help with establishing the connection with your customers. While we’re not talking about a personalized approach, there’s some truth in this claim.

You can be sure this is an approach the customers will appreciate and reward. We do not believe that sharing any information about reports who say about the effectiveness of this approach since it makes perfect sense.

When the brand builds trust with its customers, we believe that this is something that cannot be broken easily. On the other hand, maintaining is also not simple. So, continue making relevant and interesting content so you can continue to build trust with customers.

In Conclusion


Creating an online marketing strategy is not a walk in the park. That’s why being aware of all the possibilities is an absolute must. Here, you can check out reasons why we believe including animated videos in a strategy is a great idea. We advise you to include it whenever possible.

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