4 Creative Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Products or Services

Using social media for promoting your services and products is easy of the best decisions you can make. The reason is quite simple, millions of people use these platforms every day. Furthermore, the platforms offer marketers countless tools to market their products and services. So, there are a lot of choices you can make. Naturally, that doesn’t mean all of them will be useful to you.

Instead, it is extremely important to choose the ones that can provide you with the actual benefit. That said, marketers should conduct thorough research until they find out which one of these will be the most useful for meeting their goals. If you see just how many people use platforms like Instagram every day, it will be clearer to you just how useful this platform can be for reaching out to potential customers.

However, there is a universal organic promotion method that will help you implement all subsequent strategies, and the online Instagram activity tracker Snoopreport will help you. With it you can add any public profiles for tracking and receive weekly reports about what hashtags and posts they like, about their new followings and ungfollowings, as well as about their thematic interests. That is, depending on the tasks, you can monitor the activity of both your current followers and those of your competitors. With the help of insights like these, you can tailor your content strategy and not only increase reach and engagement, but also attract new followers.

Thankfully, there are many tools Instagram offers you to help you promote your products or services. If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, then be sure to visit Goread.io. Today, we want to provide you with a list of creative ways how Instagram can help you with the promotion of what you have to offer. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Use Music and Visuals

Use Instagram to Promote Your Products

Those who used Instagram for years know that this platform mainly revolves around visuals. Just think about it, it revolves around posting images on a profile and attracting followers as a result of that. With that in mind, nobody should be surprised that the visual aspect should be a crucial aspect of the marketing campaign you would launch on a platform such as this one. Without it, there’s no benefit.

On the other side, you will see that there are numerous other sorts of content such as stories, that include both music and visuals. They work hand in hand in these situations. So, when you are about to create a promotional video for your brand, then you should include both of these elements in the mix. Make sure that both the images and music are of the best possible quality when you do that.

Thankfully, adding both of these elements when you are creating stories is quite easy. You will not need to undergo any sort of tutorial. The platform itself is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to these things. So, you should commit no less than a couple of minutes to figure it out. Like a cherry on top, you should use appropriate hashtags to enhance the chance of your content reaching more people.

2. Have Enough Content

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The next thing we want to talk about is having enough content to publish on your channel. Having a shortage of content to post in the middle of the marketing campaign is surely going to be a problem. Therefore, it is an absolute must for the marketer to create enough content. But just having a ton of content without the right idea to use it will not amount to anything good. Each part should have a meaning.

When it comes to content, there are countless examples you can use. Also, you shouldn’t limit yourself just to using one or two types. Instead, try to make a mix of content you can use for that purpose. For instance, we are talking about using images, videos, and stories all at once. By providing enough content, you will not only be able to reach more people, but chances of reaching them will increase.

3. Post at the Right Time

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often should marketers post the promotional content they have created. Well, this depends on a wide array of different conditions. But the most important thing you should understand is that the relevancy of your content is way more important than the time when you will post it. Still, doesn’t mean that the time is not relevant at all.

When you post consistently, it helps with ensuring that your target audience will see the posts you have made. Not only that, think about whether you want to reach out to people who live in different time zones. While some studies talk about what is the perfect time to post, we believe that undergoing a slightly different approach is way more beneficial. For instance, we are talking about thinking about what serves your target audience the best.

In case you are going for a global audience, you should study the busiest periods in different parts of the world. By doing so, the chance of everyone seeing the content exactly when they need to becomes significantly higher. So, you will not need to worry about whether someone will miss the latest update you have about your brand. Researching to find the right time might take some time.

4. Use Other Networks as Well

Many make the mistake of using the content they have created for Instagram just for this platform. Nowadays, sharing content between different platforms is quite easy, especially since practically all the major platforms have become connected. For instance, you can share content made for Instagram on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Doing so will not take you more than a couple of seconds.

Furthermore, sharing the content on other platforms will provide you with a chance to increase the ROI significantly. Think about it, there will be more people you can reach out to than just on one platform. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? When you utilize this approach, it will help you maximize your content’s reach quite easily. The best thing about it is that you will not need to invest a lot of time into it.

In Conclusion

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As you can see, there are numerous creative ways to make your promotional content for Instagram. At the same time, make it as efficient as you need it to be. Here, you can take a look at the most efficient ways you can do so. We are certain that this insight will be of great help to you in the future.

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