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James Anthony Abbott is a wonderful man who was born with a disability that might have stopped a lot of people from believing in themselves, but he knew if he decides to do something he will make it possible. He was born without a right hand, and do you know who he is by profession? A baseball pitcher. Yes, you read it right.

All he did was believe in himself and knew that anything and everything is possible. He reached great heights in his career as a pitcher and never allowed his disability to be a barrier in his path. There are many more interesting things that you might want to know about him, like about his personal life and his net worth. So read till the end!

About Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott is a baseball pitcher who plays with one hand, he bats and throws both with his left. During his career, he won many awards and was in various famous teams. He even played in the Olympics and won gold.

His journey began in the year 1989 with the team California Angels and he actively played till year 1999, his career ended when he was in the team Milwaukee Brewers. His record was pretty good when he took retirement, with 87 wins Jim said bye to his career in baseball.

After retirement, Jim started working as a motivational speaker and today he is encouraging people from all parts of the world to be what they aim to be. He is a role model for sportspeople and especially for people having disabilities.

Early Life And Family

img source: baseballhall.org

He completed his school life at Flint Central High School and later in University he won a national award for the best athlete and following that he continued to win many medals and awards in his life.

Talking about his family, he is married to Dana Abbott and has two beautiful daughters.

As of 2024 he is 53 years old, born on the 19th of September. He is a Virgo and people say that Virgos are very determined and calm people and those characteristics were clear in his personality.

His Career And Major Milestones

His career in the MLB was 10 years long and for this decade he dedicated his life to baseball and success. Being handicap didn’t stop him from playing the sport he loves.

When he was in the Yankees he got the no pitcher and that is something he and his followers are very proud of.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Abbott

  • His autobiography called ” Imperfect: An Improbable Life” is available online as well in the market. Readers were motivated after reading the same.
  • He said that he got used to the struggle and it was not an issue for him.

Net Worth

img source: baseballamerica.com

Jim’s exact Net Worth is not given, but it’s said to be around 50 million dollars. He earned a lot in his career in Major League Baseball, and currently, he is making a considerable amount of money by being a motivational speaker.

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