Khalil Yatim Wiki: Age, Height, Family, Nationality, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Khalil Yatim?

Khalil Yatim, born on December 2, 2004, is a famous TikTok star, YouTuber, and social media personality.

He is popular for his magic tricks, funny skits, reaction videos, acting videos, dance videos, pranks videos, and challenges videos on TikTok.

Khalil is known by his nickname OziKoy or Koy on social media.

He rose to prominence after uploading videos with his dad in which he does pranks on him and his dad’s hilarious reactions.

On TikTok, he has over 5.3 million followers and 127K followers on his official Instagram account.

Not only that, Khalil has his own YouTube channel too with over 39.3K subscribers.

Today, we will be discussing Khalil Yatim’s age, height, nationality, family, net worth, and even more in the article.

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khalil yatim wiki

Quick Biography

Real Name Khalil Yatim
Nick Name Ozikoy
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 2, 2004
Birth Place Lebanon
Age 16 years old
Birth Sign Saggitarius
Nationality Lebanese
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion N/A
Profession TikTok Star
Height (approx.) 5’8 or 177 cm
Weight (approx.) 69 kg or 152 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father Usama Yatim
Mother N/A
Sibling 3
Spouse None
Children None
Net Worth $3 million
Profiles InstagramTikTokYouTube

Early Life

Where was Khalil Yatim born? Khalil Yatim was born in Lebanon on December 2, 2004.

There is no information about which city he was born and Khalil has not revealed either.

Khalil moved to America with his parents when he was just two years old,

He has stated that he comes from a middle-class family so while growing up they have to face many problems and obstacles.

Khalil is currently studying in his sophomore year. However, there’s no information on his school’s name yet.

He always has been into magic tricks, sports, beatboxing since he was a kid. Hence, we can say that led him to join TikTok and show off his talent.

Now, let’s know about the beginning of Khalil Yatim’s career and his achievements so far.

Khalil yatim with his dad
Baby Khalil with his dad


What is Khalil Yatim famous for? Khalil Yatim is one of the famous young TikTok stars, an aspiring YouTuber, and a social media personality.

He is popularly known as Ozikoy on social media platforms.


In early 2019, Khalil opened a TikTok account and started uploading magic tricks videos and some funny skits.

He was able to gain some fans from there and those fans stayed loyal to him.

After not getting the desired amount of fans and views on his TikTok, he decided to shift his content from magic tricks to daily life videos.

His pranks video with his dad started coming up and the audience seemed to enjoy it

Finally, a video blew up which has him doing the impersonation of James Charles in front of his dad and all the weird plus funny reaction from his dad is seen.

The video gained over 25 million views and Khalil earned a massive fan following within a short period of time.

Besides that, Khalil didn’t stop making magic tricks videos. He started making a little different magic tricks videos than before.

Eventually, it worked and people started loving his videos more than ever.


Khalil started his YouTube channel when he was around ten years old.

According to him, he was determined to drop some fun content from the beginning but he could never be consistent.

After gaining fans on TikTok, he started uploading on YouTube too.

Currently, he has over 39.3K subscribers and a total of 688k views on his videos as of 2024.

However, it has been 3 months that Khalil is inactive on his YouTube channel.


Besides all of it, Khalil is active on Instagram too. He often posts his daily life photos and videos, photos and videos with family and friends.

Currently, he has over 127K followers on his official Instagram account.

Personal Information

What is the height of Khalil Yatim? Khalil Yatim stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 177 cm and weighs about 69 kg or 152 pounds.

His zodiac sign is Saggitarius. He has brown colored eyes and brown colored hair.

What is the nationality of Khalil Yatim? Khalil Yatim is a Lebanese. As for his ethnicity, he is mixed.

Currently, we do not have information about the religion that Khalil follows.

Khalil has a tall slim body and a handsome face with a beautiful smile.

In a QnA video, Khalil revealed that his favorite movies are Inception and Karate Kid.

As for his celebrity crush, he has a huge crush on Millie Bobby Brown and would love to travel to Bali with her if got a chance.

His hobbies include traveling, beatboxing, magic tricks, and playing soccer. As for his favorite destination to travel to, it’s Bali.


Who is Khalil Yatim dating as of 2024? Khalil Yatim is currently single and not dating anyone.

Khalil has not revealed anything about his love life anywhere on his social media.

It could be that he is keeping his love life private.

However, in a QnA video, he stated that he wants to focus on building his career rather than getting into relationships.

So, as per our sources, Khalil is not dating anyone, is not engaged, and doesn’t have any plans for marriage and babies right now.

Family Of Khalil Yatim

Who are the parents of Khalil Yatim? Khalil Yatim has featured his dad in many videos and photos on his social media.

His name is Usama Yatim and as for his career path, it is still known to us.

There is no information regarding Khalil’s mother. He revealed that she doesn’t like to be on camera, that’s why he has not featured her in his videos.

Hence, we have no details about her name, profession, or anything.

Khalil has three sisters and two of them are currently residing in Lebanon and one of his sisters is living with him.

Besides that, there are no records of their names and professions.

Khalil yatim posing with his dad
Khalil posing with his dad

Net Worth Of Khalil Yatim

What is the net worth of Khalil Yatim? Khalil Yatim is getting popular day by day and gaining millions of fans all over social media.

His primary source of income is his TikTok videos, YouTube videos, social media ads, paid sponsorships, and brand deals.

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be $3 million approximately.

Now, let’s know some of the lesser-known facts about Khalil Yatim.

khalil yatim posing for a photo

Trivia about Khalil Yatim

  • Khalil Yatim was born in Lebanon on December 2, 2004.
  • He is popular by his nickname OziKoy or Koy on social media.
  • His viral video of impersonation of James Charles gained over 25 million views.
  • He’s residing in America since he was two years old.
  • Khalil started his YouTube channel when he was around ten years old.
  • Know about Arrington Allen who is also a young famous TikTok star known for his funny skits.

FAQs about Khalil Yatim

Who is Ozikoy?

Ozikoy is the nickname of the famous TikTok star Khalil Yatim.

How old is Khalil Yatim?

As of 2024, Khalil Yatim is 16 years old.


Check out the video from Khalil Yatim’s YouTube channel down below:

Image Credit: @ozikoy Instagram

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