5 Latest Eyewear Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall 2024

This year is all about trends. It wasn’t easy to live in 2020 and 2024, as the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic were still strong. In 2024 we can breathe easier knowing that the worst is behind us. This is why most of us are looking at our social media accounts and searching for the latest trends. Now that we’re free to roam the streets at will you can dedicate time to be trendy. With the fall upon us, and sunshine still on the horizon and expected to shine bright for at least a few months we could focus on eyewear.

Fashion is strong when it comes to eyewear. The world’s biggest fashion companies have their stakes in this department. As for you, if you want to sort a pair of sunglasses or any other type of sunglasses you can at least afford to yourself to have a pair that will make people turn their heads. This can be achieved if you know what to wear. The best way to know this during this autumn is to check out these five latest eyewear fashion trends to look out for this fall 2024. Tell us what you think. You’re free to disagree. But, we think you’ll heed our advice and sport some of the trends we’re going to lay down for you below. Let’s start.

Classic Cat-Eyes


Do you know what this means? We’re talking about one famous model. The best one comes from a brand that has its interests set firmly in the eyewear department. The model in question goes under their internal code TF4187. We can say that models like these are evergreen. As you can see in the photo we are talking about a classic cat-eye-shaped model. The brand made these with eyes set on their regular jewelry collection. Furthermore, it was inspired by one major USA city, the Big Apple.  If you’re familiar with the brand, even a little bit, you’ll notice the presence of Tiffany Blue, which is accompanied by incredible UV protection, and gradient lenses fit on a frame that is at the same time unexpected and rather bold. If you decide on these before trying you’ll be making a mistake. Try them on, fall in love, and recognize that Italian quality within.  If this thrills you and they should, as they’ll lead the trend in the fall of 2024, you can click here and learn more about HardWear.

Thick Rim Dark Frame Glasses

Back in the day, this model was reserved for certain types of people. Those who are mean would call them bookworms. Even if insulting, the trend persisted and came back through the great doors. It was easy for them to become trendy once the Hollywood celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow started sporting them. We’re suggesting that you go for a thick black frame. The reason is simple. If you go for a regular one, it could lose its color the longer you wear them. If you go for a weaker manufacturer, you can start having these issues early on.  Of course, you can opt for any other color. It is all up to your preferences. Just, when buying, pay attention to your face shape. If your face is narrow you don’t want a wide frame and vice versa.

Aviator Frames

Everybody wants to be a pilot, right? The high life associated with positions simply demands having proper eyewear. If you’re dreaming about being a fighter pilot like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, you probably started creating your image from top to down, and you started with eyewear we’re sure. The only logical choice, in this case, is the aviator frame. This model has been around for some time now, and it’s not going anywhere. If you’re looking for trends that will cover you during this fall and beyond that, this should be high on your bucket list. If you want to have a timeless piece of eye equipment that will last you for more than one season, go for well-rounded metal-framed glasses, which are in most cases hand-made and thicken temple tips. The choice of color is your decision. The most common ones include the silver model, which is the most popular. Depending on your preferences you can go with gold or rose gold. Either way, it’s hard to miss the trend with this piece.

Wire Frame Glasses


When we talk about available eyewear styles, this one takes the prize as the most delicate. We say this because if you’re not standing close to the person wearing them you’ll be thinking they have nothing on as the frame is almost invisible. If not for the little weight on the wearer he too would trust that the glasses were forgotten. If you’re looking to achieve precisely this effect, your best options to have on include frames colored yellow or rose gold. This look is not ever-lasting, but as far as this season goes and in the imminent future, you won’t miss

a beat when it comes to eyewear trends to follow. Metal frames are the thing that could mark the upcoming season and some years beyond that. If you opt for these frames you’ll notice that many brands are pushing in this direction. The only issue might be if you’re wearing a prescription. If this is the case and you have thicker lenses this frame might not be able to provide the necessary support.

Tortoise Print


A little bit peculiar, but at the same time tortoise print is quite well accepted and seen as a standard in the fashion industry. This fall, they’re once again, going to be everywhere. You can wear it anytime and anywhere. Trust us, while it might be a little attention-grabbing piece it is a classic.  Everyone will notice it, yes, but once accustomed to it, everyone will see it as stylish and ever-green. It is a great pairing with all sorts of outfits especially during the autumn when there’s still sun, but the scenery starts breathing with limitless colors. If you heavily relied on black frames in the past, switching to these could lighten up your look, and there’s no better time to experiment than it’s now.

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