How Long Does It Take to Learn Cursive Writing?

Writing has many forms. Cursive is just one of them. It is interesting to many people because of its aesthetics. This is easy to understand really. For some people getting acquainted with it later in life, it’s like meeting something from Tolkien’s books. But, in many parts of the world, it is something that kids learn in school. Considering that you developed an interest in it, and are reading this article, we’re assuming you know what it is. But, for the most part, individuals know what it looks like, and not what it is in essence. This is why we’re going to speak a little bit about the basics.

What Is It?

Here, we are talking about a form of handwriting. It is achieved when you put all of the letters together in one word. The goal is to have a flow that will be continuous with every word. Back in the day, this form of writing was standard. Today, things are a little bit different. Schools no longer require kids to learn it in most parts of the world. But, this doesn’t mean it is no longer existent. No, it’s still going strong, and many kids and older adults decide to learn it on their own. You can do this by yourself if you want, and all you need is to spend some time on wr1ter and you’ll be there in no time.

It will be a fun experience we can assure you of that. After all, you’ll be preserving a form of art that way, considering that it is seen as something that will not be required nor necessary in the future by some people. One of the first reasons why people tend to start learning cursive is because it helps them write faster. Its insistence on keeping all the letters tied together is what makes this joined handwriting so great. If you’re tired of block letters this is one of your best alternatives. Lifting the pen between the letters is no fun, and we agree with that to some extent. If you’re still confused about what it is it also goes by two other names and they are joined-up handwriting and script handwriting. Learning it can take you to various places, and maybe writing screenplays is one of them. After all, you know how Mikhail Bulgakov said it – manuscripts don’t burn.

How to Learn It?

There is no set of rules written in stone. It’s not like that. But, there is a way to handle it faster and in the best possible order. Here, we can even view this way as a set of tips and tricks. This is not something we pulled out of a hat, like Hugh Jackman in Prestige, but it is a conjunction of expert opinions. As is usually the case, it’s easier when you’re a kid. Starting cursive writing classes when you’re seven, but if you haven’t started early it’s never too late for this discipline. It is all about how you start and not when you start. The right place to start in this case is with lower-case letters. They always come before upper-case letters and it’s what makes starting cursive writing classes easier. If you’re prepared to listen to our advice you are going to start with the following set of letters: c, a, d, g, q. Once you get the hang of these you can continue with: i, t, p, u, w, j, and e, l, f, h groups. After these, you have k, r, and s followed by b, o, v, and m, n, y, x, z.

When you first time sees this order it will probably make no sense to you. But, that’s the beginning, and the more you practice the more it will make sense to you. As we said, this is the opinion of the experts who came up with the order cursive writing is taught the easiest way. It is based on a  few simple principles. When it comes to this type of writing the letters you learn the first are those that are most similar to their standard form. Also, and this is the first thing you’ll notice when you start writing, these are the letter that is easiest to stick together in one continuous form. This is how children start to learn, and it is no different for adults. Once you know these basics it is all about repetition. Remember, practice makes perfect and cursive handwriting is no different.

How Long Does it Take to Learn?


Are you being impatient? There’s no reason to be. But, this is what you came here to hear so we’re not going to get mad about it. The first thing you need to know is that it’s not going to happen overnight. Also, it depends on the individual. Not everyone is going to get a grasp of it in the same interval. As we said, it is easier to learn it once you are young. If you start learning cursive handwriting at the age of seven it is expected that by the time you’re nine you’ll be good at it. After that, it comes down to practicing and repetition. The more time you put into it, the better you’ll be and the faster you’ll learn.

When you are older things change a little bit. Of course, we’re going to assume you are literate. If you haven’t been using your handwriting in a while, as most of us don’t consider the way technology is going these days. You’ll be in a little pinch. But considering the common knowledge of an adult person and years of life experience, you should handle the basics as fast as any kid. So, if you pull up your sleeves and warm the chair, you should be close to an experienced writer in a few year time. Good writing won’t come overnight and don’t hope for it. While yes, it’s something kids learn in elementary school, if you take it on later, you’ll need to sweat a little bit. But, you can do it, just start the process. The rest is in your hands.

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