What Kind of Music is Best to Listen to on Vinyl?

Some things will never go out of fashion. That’s just how our world is. Some things are eternal. Just look at the Egyptian pyramids. We could say the same things about vinyl. Are you a fan of vinyl music? Yes, for some people we’re talking about a relic of the past here. But, is that right? No, it is not. This type of sic is still widespread. We’re not only talking about the old records. No, even the new artist release their music this way. It’s still here; it’s still going strong.

If you haven’t listened to music recorded this way for a while, or you haven’t at all we’re urging you to do so as soon as possible. It offers a unique quality. Yes, it is like a time machine taking you to the past. It’s an experience that is still available and one that you need to take advantage of. For most of the younger generation, this will be a completely new experience. For older generations, it will be a good reminder of how things used to be. Just like many other things that hold high quality, vinyl records have stood to the test of time.

If you’re convinced that this is an experience you need to have for the first time or to relive, we’re glad we were part of the reason you decide to do so. But, we understand that this begs a few questions. First of all, where can you get these records? Of course, they’re not some antique objects, and outlets such as Experience Vinyl can provide what you’re looking for. The second one is what kind of music is best to listen to on vinyl? This is a philosophical question, but we’re going to give the best answer possible, in a similar manner.

What Music do You Prefer?


This is the real question. There’s no particular music that sounds best on vinyl. This is a common misconception. Yes, some artists were first available only this way, back in the past when it gained popularity. So, from that point of view, one could argue that old music is better recorded, and played on vinyl. But, the essence is that you need to listen to the music you love. It doesn’t matter that your favorite genre is rap. What’s important when it comes to vinyl is that you experience something you haven’t before.

This is what we suggest. Considering that you belong to the younger generations, the only form of music you’ve encountered must be the one you have on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer. The generations before that used CD-s, and even before that there were the cassette types. All of this is ancient past. As far as the CD-s go, they’re still available, but cassettes are a technology that’s slowly fading away. We now have digital platforms, and the world is going in that direction.

Because of the fast pace, we’re moving forward it’s vital to sometimes take a step back. This is what vinyl records will do for you in the terms of music. You can take any of your favorite artists and buy their records in this form. Play it, and you’ll have a completely new experience with music. It will be like Taylor Swift was a genuine 70s country singer. Of course, you’ll need the right equipment, but that’s also part of the charm. Once you have a phonograph, a record player, or a gramophone, and all three are one of a kind, you will not only make your personal space more antique, but the music will never sound the same to you ever again.

How About Classics?


When you speak about vinyl records people often assume that you’re talking about classical music. It doesn’t have to be Beethoven or Mozart, but classic rock or Jazz. Yes, classics are often associated with these records and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that people assume that the best way to experience classics is in this manner. While that’s true, it’s only partially correct. Classics need to be heard, that’s for one. The second thing is, you can experience them in any way you like. Of course, the best way to experience Beethoven is to go and listen to an orchestra. If you want genuine Jazz just go to a club where there are live performances.

But, we understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea and that for some people it is just not available nor affordable. That’s fine. This is where vinyl can step up. There are plenty of ways to experience classic rock, and bands such as Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, deserve to have their records played. As we said, even the new artists release some of their, if not all, material through these records. It is a great way to make a step back but still produce a quality sound product. One of the reasons why people associate vinyl with classics is that many records have been preserved to this day.

This is what makes them so great. You don’t have to buy new records. You can find an 80s record of your dad’s favorite band and play it today. This is where the charm lies. If you do this on an old record player, it’s even better. That’s what a time machine looks like. If you haven’t already, go and search your parent’s attic. Who knows what you’ll find? But, if it is some old vinyl records and a gramophone, you need to play it straight away. Listening to old music, in the way it was originally recorded could be the best possible way to experience vinyl music.

Bottom Line


There’s no particular best music to listen to on vinyl records. We would lie if we could tell you to listen to this and this and you’ll have an otherworldly experience, but that’s not possible. What’s possible is to listen to any piece of vinyl you can muster. It can be classic rock or Jazz, contemporary rap music, or some renaissance classic. It’s all up to you. The quality is there, just waiting.

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