Love Story of Eleanor Pendleton and Mathew Wilson

Eleanor and Mathew who are expecting a baby met ten years ago in at Sydney music festival.

People are not all the same. We are all unique, with the unique behaviours.  As it is with the personality, it is the same with the love stories, they are not the same as well. When couple click together, the moment is only theirs and nobody’s else. This is what makes the love story special, every story has its own story to tell. In partnership with Georg Jensen, we’re speaking to well-known duos to find out more about their unique love.

In the last ten years, Eleanor has always had Mathew by her side. They met in 2009 on Valentine’s Day. It may sound like cliché but as Eleanor stated, it was the love at first site.  In one interview she stated that she remembered his blue eyes. The just took her over. At the very same day, Mathew laid his eye on Eleanor as well. As he later described it was not just a crush. He never denied that he found her beautiful, but he also felt something more than that.

They really see the beauty in each other. For her, he is her problem solver, partner and great listener. All in one. He shows her that there is always a solution, no matter what the problem may look like. Even when the problem seems unsolvable, he always found the solution and points her to the solving of it. What makes him what he is, is the vast optimism he possess, diplomacy and pragmatism. They have been together for a decade, and she claims that she never saw him down with any situation. She confirmed that he makes her a better person, to do better and to have the optimistic view over the world.


Mathew concluded that he finds Eleanor as a caring person, full of empathy, and that she is completely devoted to their relationship and as well to all of her friendships. As he said, she showed him that there is much more to the beauty than what the eye can see. He learned that the true beauty comes from the inside and it is reflected by what the person really is. And, what is most important is to make sure how to make other people feel, rather then how they look.

In the last 10 years they had countless occasions together. They celebrated many events together from anniversaries to birthdays. Jewelry was always the part of celebrating the milestones. “Elephant Shoe” engraved ring was the first piece of jewelry May gave to Eleanor. It has been a while when they were courage enough to say each other “I love You”.

Of course, other big dates were celebrated with the jewelry, like engagement, or wedding day. They got married in April 2018 at The Shangri-La Resort & Spa, Boracay Island, Philippines. It was a small ceremony with the closest circle of friends and family. It was the modest ceremony that truly depicts them.

At the moment, they are marching to the new chapter of their lives as they are going to be parents soon. Mathew recently said that he is very thrilled about the new chapter and that he already have a new level of love for Eleanor as she carries their child. It is not questionable that she will be loving, and protective. He is sure that they still do not know what can be expected in the new chapter of their lives but without any doubt, they are excited for the new to come. Since they were a great team, there is no doubt that they will, with the support to one another, do the best they can.


Eleanor stated at several occasions that Mathew will be great father. That he will protect the child that only a father can do. As he is going to teach the good values, she is certain that this approach will inspire her to be the best mother she can possibly be. It is for sure, that in the course of parenthood, they will do it together and, enjoying the simple things along the way. In one of the interviews she stated: “I’ve dreamed of the moment I’ll see him hold our baby skin-to-skin for the first time. I can’t wait to watch my husband become the beautiful father I know he will naturally be.”

Although the future cannot be foreseen it is crystal clear for Eleanor and Mathew that the future will be as bright as possible. They plan to expand the family to two more or even three children. As she always dreamed, she would love to live in the Sydney’s Northern Beaches with their family where they can host lunch for them, to watch the children play and running around. Eleanor said in an interview “Mat and I will have a glass of wine in hand – talking, laughing and watching what our love has created. For me, that’s living.”

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