7 Ways to Make Money Using Passive Income Apps

You have a regular day job that you love. But deep down you wish you made more money. Maybe you don’t even need a lot of extra cash. If you could earn $100 to $1000 more per month—you could live a better life.

Enter passive income apps—the best way to increase your monthly income without working hard for it.

What are Passive Income Apps?


Passive income apps are apps that can help you earn extra money while doing nothing or little to nothing. You install an app and create an account. Next, you follow the app’s instructions on how to make money.

Best ways to Make Money from Passive Income Apps

1—Get Paid for your Unused Internet Data

If you have a fast Internet plan and you barely spend time online, sharing your Internet bandwidth for money is an excellent idea. The way it works is that you install an app like Honeygain and keep your smartphone on.

Honeygain app is easy to setup and the best thing is that it gifts you $5 immediately you create a new account. You can make more money by referring your friends to join the app.

But even if you don’t, this app can help you earn an extra $20 to $100 per month by simply sharing your unused Internet bandwidth. The app pays out money through PayPal or JumpTask—a crypto wallet.

2—Earn by Participating in Polls

Businesses around the world spend billions of dollars in market research. These companies often work with passive income apps that pay you to participate in market research surveys.

A typical online survey takes 5-30 minutes and can pay you $1 to $20. That means you can make up to $600 if you could complete 30 surveys that paid you $20 each. Now, you may not qualify for every survey out there.

But there’s a solution. Join multiple survey apps, from Swagbucks to Survey Junkie. By joining a handful of survey apps, you can handle more polls and increase your profitability in the process.

3—Get Paid to Shop online

You already shop online. Why not get paid to do it? With the right passive income app, you can earn kickbacks every time you complete an online purchase. What’s more, you can discover great bonus deals without having to spend hours doing research.

Take Rakuten as an example. This online marketing company works with 3000+ online stores to help them get customers. Rakuten makes a lot of money referring customers to stores.

But instead of keeping all of its profits, it shares some of it with online shoppers like you. Basically, you shop at a store recommended by Rakuten. And the company gives you a kickback worth between 1% and 40%.

4—Watch Online Videos for Money


Many passive income apps offer more than one way to make money. For example, Swagbucks doesn’t just pay you to participate in polls. It also pays you to watch online adverts.

Usually, the adverts are short. That means they don’t pay a lot of money. You can expect to earn between $0.10 and $0.50 per video. In a day, you can get the chance to work 10 to 20 videos, translating to an average of $1 to $10.

Now, as we already mentioned, the secret for maximizing your passive income money is by joining multiple apps. One app may only pay you $50 at the end of the month. But if you have 10 apps, this translates to $500.

5—Earn through a Lock screen App

Advertisers want to place adverts where their target audience can see. This is why lock screen apps are getting popular. These apps place their adverts on—guess this—your phone’s lock screen.

Every time you attempt to unlock your phone’s screen, you get to view an advert before you can complete the process. Admittedly, lock screen adverts can be frustrating, but not when you’re getting paid to watch them.

Apps like Screen Lift pay you points to watch adverts on your lock screen: points you can redeem for cash. The best part of screen Lock is that it does not force you to engage with its adverts.

6—Get Paid for your Data


Companies all over the world rely on data to make business decisions. The problem: data privacy has become a major concern for many people. As a result, some governments now restrict businesses from using unauthorized user data.

To overcome this challenge, some businesses pay people to collect and use their data. The companies work through passive income apps like Nielsen’s report and Permission Research.

When you install the apps, you grant them permission to track how you use your smartphone. For example, they can view the number of texts you send and receive per day. They can also view your favorite websites and the amount of time you spend there.

This data helps companies determine the best ways to market to different customers. And because the data is so invaluable, they have no issues paying you for your input.

7—Earn by Investing

So far, we’ve talked about apps that you pay for doing little to nothing. But ever dreamed of making a lot of money passively? One of the best options is to invest your cash.

Through apps like Robinhood and M1 Finance, you can invest in some of the biggest companies in the world. What’s more, you can invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To be clear, investing is not an easy way to make money. It requires a great deal of research. You have to find out companies poised to grow based on their innovation and marketing strategies. And if you invest in the wrong app or crypto, you could end up losing your cash.



Passive income apps provide an excellent way to make extra month. You won’t earn thousands of dollars from these apps. But you can earn an extra $500, especially if you install many apps.

An extra $500 can cover your car payments, insurance or groceries. And in doing so, it can help you save more money in the long-term.

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