The Top Match 3 Games That Will Test Your Puzzle Skills!

Match 3 games are all the rage nowadays, and there’s no shortage of them out there. These casual puzzle games will keep you entertained for hours on end as you swap, slide or connect three or more tiles of the same color or shape on a board. While they may seem like child’s play at first, they’re actually quite challenging and require some serious skills to master. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Whether you’re a Candy Crush addict, a Bejeweled buff, or a Zuma zealot, I’ve got some top-notch tips and tricks to help you out!

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List of Match 3 games:

Rainbow Web 2


As a gamer, I can tell you that Rainbow Web 2 is truly an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. From the moment I started playing, I was immediately hooked by the stunning visuals and the immersive gameplay. The lush colors and intricate designs of the levels are truly mesmerizing, and I found myself getting lost in this magical world for hours at a time.

But it’s not just the graphics that make Rainbow Web 2 so special – it’s also the exciting storyline and engaging characters. I felt a real sense of connection to the heroic Spider as I helped him battle against the wicked Sorcerer and his minions. Each level presented a new challenge, and I was always eager to see what was coming next.

Overall, I would highly recommend Rainbow Web 2 to any gamer who’s looking for a vibrant, engaging, and downright fun experience. It’s a game that will keep you coming back for more, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.



From the moment I started playing, I was hooked. The graphics are absolutely cute, with each level revealing a new and beautifully designed ocean or lake to explore. And the gameplay is just as addictive – I found myself totally engrossed in solving tricky match-3 puzzles, trying to figure out the best moves to collect all the gems and fishes before the time runs out.

But what really sets Fishdom apart is the customization options. As I progressed through the levels and earned more coins, I was able to jazz up my fish tank with all sorts of decorations, from colorful coral reefs to quirky statues and playful toys. I could mix and match to create my perfect aquatic paradise, and it really felt like my own personal space within the game.

The Rise Of Atlantis


As I enter the world of The Rise of Atlantis, I feel a rush of excitement wash over me. I become Alex, the brave adventurer who has set out on a mission to uncover the long-lost secrets of Atlantis. The undersea world is vast and mysterious, and I can’t wait to dive in and explore its depths.

As I navigate through the various levels, I encounter puzzles of increasing complexity. I must use my wits to create chain combos and strategically use power-ups to overcome each challenge. The sense of satisfaction that washes over me with each successful level is immense.

But it’s not just the puzzles that draw me in. The mythical creatures that inhabit this world are breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. The graphics are stunning, and I feel as though I am actually swimming alongside these creatures. The immersive soundtrack only adds to the experience, making me feel as though I am truly a part of this world.

Bubble Shooter Golden Path


The first thing that struck me about Bubble Shooter Golden Path was just how vivid and detailed it looked. The graphics were crisp and clean, each level seeming more vibrant than the last. And as soon as the gameplay began, it became clear that this wasn’t just any ordinary match 3 game.

Right from level one, you’re thrown into an obstacle course of sorts – scattered blocks blocking your way and objects hanging in mid-air waiting for you to knock them off with precision shots. It’s fast-paced but also requires some serious thought and strategy.

As someone who enjoys puzzles as much as action-packed games – this was truly refreshing! Each victory felt like an accomplishment; each loss made me want to dive back in all over again until success came my way.

Brickshooter Egypt

brickshooter egypt

From the very beginning, I was mesmerized by the stunning graphics and captivating sound effects that transported me back in time to an exotic and mysterious land. Hieroglyphs adorned my screen as if they were alive, beckoning me deeper into their mysteries with each passing level.

But it wasn’t just about marveling at the scenery – Brickshooter Egypt offered some of the most challenging puzzles that kept my brain firing on all cylinders. With over 100 unique levels to unravel, there was never a dull moment as problem-solving became second nature to me.

As new treasures revealed themselves on each level, I felt like Indiana Jones venturing through long-forgotten tombs filled with incomparable treasure beyond imagination. The rewards for my hard work were endless – unlocking secret achievements gave me an added thrill that pushed me even further along in this glorious adventure through time.



From the moment I entered Cliffmont Castle, I was hooked. The stunning visuals and intricate details of the castle had me feeling like a true adventurer, ready to take on any challenge that came my way.

The match-3 gameplay is addictive and challenging, but what sets MatchVentures apart from other games in this genre is its RPG-style exploration. As I progressed through each level by solving puzzles with my matching skills, I found myself exploring every nook and cranny of the castle.

But it wasn’t just about finding treasure – there were monsters lurking around every corner waiting to be defeated! With each victory over these foes came new rewards that helped me rebuild parts of the castle. It was incredibly satisfying to see progress being made as both my character and her surroundings improved.

And let’s not forget about the ancient legend at play here – discovering its secrets added an extra layer of depth to an already compelling game. It truly feels like there is so much more beneath surface level in MatchVentures than meets the eye.

Tips and tricks on how to play Match 3 games!

Match the biggest items first:

Smaller items often hide beneath larger objects, making the former more difficult to find. So we recommend clearing the larger items first, as they’re easier to spot and can create more space on the board for new tiles to fall.

Match at the bottom of the board:

Matching at the bottom of the board is always a good idea when you’re playing a match 3 game. This strategy makes it possible to create a cascading effect by allowing new tiles to come in through the top and might end up creating some additional matches accidentally. This can also help you reach hard-to-access tiles that are blocked by obstacles or barriers.

Create and use power-ups:

Power-ups are special tiles that have extra effects when matched or activated. They can help you clear more tiles, deal more damage, or overcome challenges faster. To create power-ups, you need to match more than three tiles in a certain pattern. For example, matching four tiles in a row or column creates a bomb that explodes when matched with another tile of the same color. Matching five tiles in an L or T shape creates a rocket that clears an entire row or column when matched. Matching five tiles in a straight line creates a rainbow that can match with any tile on the board. Learn how to create different power-ups and use them wisely for maximum effect.

Plan ahead:

Don’t just match randomly on the board. Try to think ahead and plan your moves carefully. Look for potential matches that can create power-ups or trigger cascades. Also pay attention to the objectives and limitations of each level. Some levels may require you to clear certain tiles, collect certain items, reach certain scores, or beat certain enemies within a limited number of moves or time. Try to prioritize these goals and use your moves efficiently.

Use boosters:

Boosters are items that can help you out in difficult situations. They can be purchased with coins or gems before starting a level or during gameplay. Some examples of boosters are hammers that can break any tile on the board4, shuffles that can rearrange all tiles on the board4, extra moves that can give you more chances to complete a level4, etc. Boosters are not necessary to beat any level but they can make things easier if you get stuck.

Have fun:

The most important tip is to have fun while playing match 3 games. Don’t get frustrated if you fail a level or lose a life. You can always try again later with a fresh mind and new strategies. Enjoy the colorful graphics, catchy music.

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