Tips to Succeed at Every Type of Game Genre

Video games have never been more popular. Thanks to the rise of eSports leagues, casual gamers have since become dedicated fans. Meanwhile, even casual audiences have started to check out big matches of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. They may even be following a few streamers on Twitch.

With more content to watch than ever before, those who wouldn’t have considered themselves a ‘gamer’ might be interested in sampling a few titles. This is especially true for stream subscribers. After watching others play new titles, they’re ready to try it out for themselves.

But it might not be quite as easy to get going with a game as it seems—especially if you’re used to watching a professional player compete live. If you’re new to a particular genre, then dive into our tips below. It might help you save a bit of time as you jump in.

Card Games: Study Up


Two of the world’s most popular games are poker and blackjack. These titles have been around for centuries and are played today both in-person and digitally. If you’re playing for the first time, it’s easier to explore different options online, including classic and premium variations.

So, what should newcomers watch out for when playing blackjack? Given how old these games are, and how much probability is involved in card games, you should do your homework. Research the rules, along with one or two basic strategies. In this case, a bit of studying goes a long way.

Shooter Games: Sensitivity & Weaknesses

FPS games are some of the most varied in the industry. The most popular are FPS titles like CoD and CS: GO. However, this genre also encompasses games like Apex Legends and PUBG: Battlegrounds. If you’re new to any of these games, watch out for peripheral sensitivity and your own weaknesses.

The first is important for tweaking your hardware. Make sure your mouse is working well or change its sensitivity in your computer settings. (Some pros also opt for peripherals from the same brand, as they work better together.) Second, make sure you identify your primary weakness. For many, this weakness is either slow reflexes or trouble tracking enemies. Once you’ve identified it, focus on improvement immediately.

MOBA Games: Teamwork

A MOBA game is a multiplayer online battle arena—and it’s one of eSports’ primary offerings. From League of Legends to Vainglory, MOBAs involve teamwork and plenty of strategy. Unsurprisingly, the latter should be your focus: figure out how your team works, fall in line with their operations, and then find a way to add your own skillset to that system.

To take things to the next level, you can even develop and define your skills. For example, a jungler in LoL will be expected to contribute to certain parts of a team’s overall plans. If they cross over into another role, they could negatively impact the game. So, along with developing teamwork skills, it’s also important to avoid trying to ‘be the hero’. In MOBA games, everyone has their time to shine. Just be certain it’s yours before you dive in.

Fighting Games: Lose Well

When it comes to eSports, most people are focused on either shooters or MOBAs. However, the ‘gamer’s game’ is still regarded as a fighter title. These include some of the earliest arcade hits, like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Even Super Smash Bros. is considered a fighting game—and one of the world’s most popular.

If you’re new to any game, you have to get used to losing. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for improvement. However, it takes on a new meaning in fighting games because players have more options when it comes to choosing their character. This means they’ll likely have to fail with a variety of characters before they find the one that suits their style. Brace yourself—and have fun along the way.

Tabletop RPG Games: Be Optimistic


Tabletop RPGs include titles like Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu and Fallout. Rather than rely on developers to infuse a game with a story, players in tabletop RPGs do that themselves. That means that everyone involved should have an open-minded approach to building out the storyline and the characters.

Attitude is everything here. A bit of pessimism or hardheadedness can quickly get in the way of the game being fun, dynamic, and playful. In other words, there’s a way to infuse drama and excitement into the game—and none of that should be shoehorned into actions that hold the group back or make the game less fun for others.

MMORPGs: Dive into the Details

MMO RPGs stand for ‘massively multiplayer online’ ‘role-playing games’. As outlined above, tabletop RPGs are all about crafting a fun adventure together. However, online RPGs aren’t quite as free. Players might have an open world to explore, but the side quests and missions they undertake are usually for a specific purpose.

When it comes to succeeding and enjoying an MMORPG like RuneScape or The Elder Scrolls, players must dive into the details. In fact, they won’t be able to advance and succeed in a game unless they’re able to understand the vast range of characters, character abilities, weapons, settings, maps, and more.

Survival Games: Live and Let Live


Survival games push players to the brink. Whether a single player in a VR game like Subnautica or part of a rag-rag group in an MMO game like Rust, survival games can be incredibly cut-throat… literally. However, that doesn’t mean players have to employ a scorched-earth policy in the game.

Similar to a tabletop RPG, a bit of optimism can go a long way in improving your stats in survival games. But why is that? When you understand when it’s important to push in survival games, you’re keeping a stronger hold on your own resources. In other words, you shouldn’t waste your health or risk losing a weapon to take down an opponent without having a clear goal to do so. And, in living and letting live, you might even make an unexpected ally when it matters most.

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