Multi-Currency For WooCommerce: 5 Things You Need to Know

WooCommerce is one of the most well-known and frequently used platforms for starting web stores or drop shipping businesses. However, depending on what’s your target market, you must also determine the payment currency options. Indeed, the WooCommerce platform offers that possibility, but you still need to know a few things about it.

WooCommerce Is Free  And You Can Use It With WordPress

In the digital era we live in, web stores and drop shipping have proven to be extremely profitable businesses. In this sense, most people who have thought about starting their web store are thinking about a platform like WooCommerce. Yes, you’ve probably heard you can do it for free! This is a huge advantage for most new users. Namely, with WooCommerce, both installation and use are completely free of charge. It works nicely – especially for smaller companies or companies that don’t focus exclusively on sales. However, we can say that it is also great for larger e-stores. Also, WooCommerce is essentially simple because it is enough to install the plugin in a subdirectory of your WordPress site. It makes converting your website into an e-Commerce site easy with a simple step-by-step installation.

Is Starting a WooCommerce Web Store Profitable?

Of course, it is! You may not know but almost 1/3 of web stores are already on this platform, which allows you to think about starting a business and making a profit. Since WooCommerce is a prominent player in this field, it makes sense for business owners to evaluate whether this plugin is worth their time and effort. Most of them will tell you: Go for it!

Advantages of WooCommerce Options And Plugins

With so many users, we can say that WooCommerce has many different advantages, and there is a good chance that it will suit your web store idea right from the start. If your target group of customers is people from all around the world, then you will need options that this platform provides and that’s a multi-currency option. This platform gives you the possibility of using some basic plugins. However, if you need more options than that – you can click here for boosted plugins. So, here are some things you need to know about using WooCommerce multi-currency plugins in your online store.

1.  This option opens your business to the global market

For anyone who deals in online sales or dropshipping – multi-currency payment options are essential. Offering multiple currencies in your online store opens your business to the global market which can lead to increased sales. Therefore, this is one of the most important features for many people. So, can WooCommerce support multi-currency options? The answer is YES, but you would still need to know a bit more about existing options for adding them to your web store.

2.  When do you need a multi-currency option?

That is something you should think about at the very beginning when you are making your business plan – and focusing on a specific market and group of customers. However, according to some research, the vast majority of online customers are oriented toward online stores. That means that they visit online stores not only in their country but also abroad. Because of this, most online shops benefit from the fact that platforms like WooCommerce offer the possibility of currency conversion directly – that is, for the customer to buy a product in the currency that is used in his country. That means without any additional calculations or conversions. If the products you offer are attractive to customers from other countries – then this will certainly be something you should think about.

3.  WooCommerce multi-currency plugin installation possibilities

If you have determined that your target market is such that you need a multi-currency option – then you can approach that issue in two ways. The first option is to use the basic plugin of the WooCommerce platform – which gives you several different currency options. If there is no currency option you need, or you need more currencies than the basic plugin has – you can customize your web store using some of the other WooCommerce plugins. However, we must emphasize that these options are not free of charge – and they depend on the type of add-ons you want to install. So, for something like that, you will have to invest a certain amount of money. Of course, you should also check whether your WooCommerce web store is compatible with those add-ons because you don’t want to pay for them – and then not be able to use them.

4.  If you want, you can code WooCommerce multi-currency features

If you are not happy with what is offered to you – you can always use the possibility of independently coding the multi-currency features. However, when we say INDEPENDENTLY – we don’t mean it literally. Namely, this work is a bit more complex, and it is much better to hire an experienced programmer to do that for you.

5.  Boosters can be a good solution

Booster multi-currency plugins are perhaps the most practical solution for most WooCommerce users. Such plugins do not always have to refer only to the improvement of the multi-currency option. In addition, they may contain some other add-ons that can be handy. Such plugins generally offer you about a hundred different currencies that will satisfy the needs of even the most experienced global sellers. Of course, this addition is paid – but boosters still cost far less than other bulkier systems you have to install to achieve the same effect.

Importance of Using Multi-Currency Add-ons

Although all of these options may seem almost the same to you now – you can be sure there are differences. The fact is, the right choice is what can set you apart as a successful online marketer. By using these plugins, you will make your online store look professional, and that instills confidence in customers. On the other hand, these add-ons make your online store more flexible because they allow your customers to choose the payment currency that suits them. We hope that you will be able to make a good selection that will be the right choice for your store. Therefore, check the possibilities, compare the prices – and make the best choice.

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