How To Get That Natural Blond Look – Root Melts

Being blonde is not an easy task. A lot can happen at the salon and if you have someone unexperienced doing it for you, it can be a real disaster.

Dying your hair blonde can be a really hard task, but there is a game changer in there and a method that can make your blonde hair look all natural. So we wanted to compile a small list of the things you or your hair dresser should take care of so that your new hair looks super natural.

1. You need to match your eye color with the hair color


This is super important as if you have lighter eyes you need to match the hair with them. Naturally the color of the hair and your eyes is related to to the amount of the pigment melanin. If you have a lot of melanin your eye and hair color will be darker. If you want blonder hair with dark eyes you need to match the color of your roots with you eyes.

2. Skin color needs to be matched too with your hair color

Cool colors will go with cool shades of blonde, warm colors will go with a warmer skin tone. If you are lucky and are in the middle you can go with both options and they should look good if you dye it well.

What Are Root Melts?

Root melts are your best bet to make it natural. The root melt blends the root color with a lighter highlight. This is different than the root shadow which creates a more defined line between the colors. As you mix the colors you get a natural, lived in look that has a natural transition look.

One of the benefits are that you don’t have to keep too much care. It is a low maintenance look that will give you time while it’s growing. With this you can really give in to your natural look.

You need to decide where your roots should end and where the color can go. This is best decided by you. You need to be aware that people with darker eye color usually go with deeper roots. A small smudge is also possible for those who want a real blonde look.

How Much Do Root Melts Cost?

Root melts can cost from $150 to $200. The cost is factored by the dye, how much was used for the process, the number of colors and of course the individual stylist. You can expect to go again in around 9 to 12 weeks to refresh the style. Usually there is just need for a toner. You can also opt to do it yourself weekly. You can really extend the longevity if you keep it yourself.

This could be you summer refresh for 2024 and we really suggest that you explore it. Remember that you need to get a good stylist to do the roots and melt the colors the right way.

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