Nomad Shubham [2024 Wiki] Age, Height, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is Nomad Shubham?

Shubham Kumar, known as Nomad Shuvam is a famous travel Vlogger and YouTube star.

He’s known for hitchhiking and traveling to different unknown and underrated places of the world.

Nomad has made his home country India really proud through his passion and love for traveling.

On the platform of social media, Nomad is quite popular. He has over 2.54 million subscribers on his self-titled youtube channel.

He makes lots of videos exploring different local places of different countries and shows himself learning and enjoying the interaction with locals and their culture.

At the age of 18, he had traveled around more than 20 countries and made a world record.

Today, we will be getting into details about Nomad Shubham such as his age, height, family, relationship, career, net worth, and even more.

Nomad Shubham in Dubai Desert

Quick Biography

Real Name Shubham Kumar
Nick Name Nomad Shubham
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 2, 2002
Birth Place Bihar, India
Age 19
Birth Sign Virgo
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Hindu
Profession YouTuber
Height (approx.) 5’7 or 174 cm
Weight (approx.) 56 kg or 123 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling N/A
Spouse None
Children None
Net Worth $10-20K
Profiles @nomadshubhaminstagram@nomadshubhamtwitter

Early Life

Where was Nomad Shubham born? Nomad Shubham was born in a small village Munger near Bhagalpur of Bihar, India.

Regarding his studies, he went to a government municipal school.

Then, he decided to apply to different colleges in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore to complete his degree in Bachelor of Engineering.

Soon, he joined Kota to prepare for IIT(Indian Institute of Technology). However, he left the institute in the middle.

After watching a video on YouTube titled How to travel around the world without money, he decided to hitchhike all parts of the world.

His passion for travel developed even more after visiting Ladakh in 2018.

He then began watching different travel vlogs on YouTube and started his self-titled YouTube Channel.

After that, he started hitchhiking and traveling around India with his friends and family.

Let’s look into Nomad’s beginning of his career and his achievements so far.

Nomad Shubham in Shimla

Nomad Shubham Career

What is Nomad Shubham famous for? 


Nomad Shubham is a famous Indian travel Vlogger and YouTuber.

Since his childhood, Nomad was interested in traveling and Geography.

Coming from a lower-middle-class family, he never imagined himself traveling and exploring the whole world.

So, he decided he will simply be an engineer or a pilot so he can earn enough money for his family.

But after watching videos of Varun Vagish who is a Mountain Trekker and Ted Talk by Tomislav Perko on How to travel the world with almost no money.

His dream finally started looking clear as he realized he won’t need any degree to travel around the world.

In the beginning with some savings and earnings from tutoring, he went for his first trip to Rajasthan.

His first International trips were to Russia and Kazakhstan for 4 weeks at the age of 17.

For the first time, he did hitchhike in a foreign land.

That trip made him realize that he could save a lot of expense by hitchhiking by land, not by air.

After leaving his studies he started hitchhiking and traveling to different countries such as Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand.

Recently he hitchhiked to Africa from India which was previously postponed due to COVID-19.

Nomad has made a world record of longest travel through hitchhiking and public transport.

Not only that, he has traveled 100000 meters by land so far.

Nomad Shubham with Mursi Tribe people of Ethiopia


He started his self-titled YouTube Channel in 2019. Then, he started making vlogs of his travel to places.

On his YouTube Channel, he uploaded his first video “Introduction Video: How I started Traveling” in 2019.

His most viewed video on YouTube is “Local Market(Haat) of Africa” which has over 9.7 million views right now.

Nomad is one of the famous YouTubers of India. Not only Indians but people from all around the world know Nomad and also admire his passion for traveling.

As of 2024, he has over 1.54 million followers on his YouTube Channel with a total of 192 million views on his videos.

Besides YouTube, he is famous on Instagram too with over 220K followers.

On his Instagram, Nomad posts videos and photos of him and with other people he meets around when traveling.

Currently, he’s hitchhiking to different places in Russia.

nomad-shubham-kamchatka krai
Nomad Shubham hitchhiking in Kamchatka

Personal Information

What is the height of Nomad Shubham? Nomad Shubham stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches or 174 cm and weighs about 56 kg or 123 pounds.

He has black colored eyes and black hair. His Zodiac sign is Virgo.

As for Nationality, he is an Indian and his religion is Hindu. Nomad loves to explore different underrated places around the world.

He knows different languages such as English, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, etc.

His favorite countries for travel destinations are China, Russia, Iran, and Egypt.


Who is the girlfriend of Nomad Shubham? Nomad is currently single. There’s no information about his dating life.

He doesn’t really talk about his dating life and stuffs on his social media.


Who are Nomad Shubham’s parents? Nomad comes from a lower-middle-class family of Bihar, India.

There’s no detailed information about his parents. We just know his father is a teacher by profession and his mother is a housewife.

He does mention his sister on his vlogs and also has hitchhiked with her but there’s no information regarding her name and profession.

Nomad Shubham Net Worth

What is the net worth of Nomad Shubham? Nomad is a famous travel Vlogger as well as a YouTuber of India.

His majority of income is from his videos on his YouTube Channel and all the paid sponsorships and donations.

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be approximate $10K-20K.

Nomad Shubham Trivia

  • Nomad’s first international trips were to Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • He set a world record for longest traveling through hitchhiking and public transportations.
  • Nomad was born in a small village Munger of Bihar.
  • In an interview with Tripoto, he has revealed that the best places he has traveled to so far are Myanmar and Sakha Republic(Yakutia).
  • He started his traveling journey when he was just 16 years old.
  • Nomad Shubham and Chapati Hindustani Gamer are both famous Indian YouTubers.


What does Nomad Shubham do?

Nomad Shubham is a full-time traveler and vlogger who makes his travel videos on YouTube.

How Nomad Shubham started?

After visiting Ladakh and watching different travel videos, Nomad left Kota and started his traveling journey at the age of 16.

How many countries have Nomad Shubham traveled to?

As of 2024, Nomad has traveled around 30+ countries and been to 3 different continents.


Check out the most recent video of Nomad Shubham from his YouTube Channel:

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