Nudaros, The Taste of Latin Music

Today we will speak with Nudaros, an Iranian music artist who started her music career in Spain in Latin style and will continue to follow this path and seek new experiences after succeeding in this style.

A.K: I want to start with your name; why Nudaros?

Nudaros: The lexical abbreviation Nodarus goes back to nude, desnuda, fkk.

Since traveling to Spain and Cap d Agde, I have become acquainted with a different world of the naked. The only thing that has attracted my attention is the unification of human beings, in which an atmosphere of honesty and straightforwardness exists. After getting my bachelor’s degree, I applied to Spain for a master’s degree. And I was able to speak Spanish fluently.And connect with the excellent culture of the Spaniards. I have always loved difference and enjoyed being special Of course, being memorable is not always easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it easily.

A.K: What made you want to become a musician?

Nudaros: I want to be a musician because of my passion for music and the impact of the sounds on people so that they can feel it and think about it.

Making music is a lifestyle. I listen to and produce music to cheer me up or even get me in a certain mood.

A.K: What do you like most about playing music?

Nudaros: Expression of the Emotions. Different things happen to you during your life, like Love, separation, family, social, cultural, political, etc. Expressing these issues in poetry and music will have a much more significant impact on death and how I deal with these problems. How do I overcome these challenges? There are things I like to share with people, and the best way to do that is through music.

A.K: Which instruments did you play in high school?


At that time, I was playing guitar and a bit of piano.

In our family, playing the instrument has always been a routine. Everyone knew how to play an instrument to some extent. That’s why I used to play various instruments as a child; I started my journey by learning classical piano, but it did not take long; I passionately got into learning and playing guitar. I liked the classical guitar and Spanish and Latin styles. When I was playing an instrument, I became severely interested in singing and needed an instrument as a rhythm. So I started playing the guitar professionally. I understood the guitar’s rhythm much better, and as you know, the rhythm of the guitar in the Spanish style is one of the charms and uniqueness of this style.

A.K: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Nudaros: travel. I will never give up traveling. I have always loved to travel the world. See different countries and communicate with people in other languages. What is more attractive than this? As much as I can, I want to get acquainted with different cultures and see the beauties of this world. Experience new things and share them with others. Inspire them about my music and show them how I feel about my music.

A.K: What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

Nudaros: definitely, I have big goals ahead of me. Making an album and music video will be one of my priorities. To date, I have only released my musics as a single, and I feel the lack of an album in my career. Making music videos for pieces is also one of my priorities. As you know, the transfer of emotion between me and the audience is better with a music video. And my most important goal in the next few years will be the Live Performance. Something that every singer and musician aspires to.

A.K: Do you have a plan for this?

Nudaros: Of course! I recently worked with a professional team called Iran Mojavez, who helped integrate and cohesive my activities. The artist’s task is to focus on art. An experienced team like them should do the rest of the work related to my branding. I have plans for the future and will try to achieve my goals with their help.

A.K: Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

Nudaros: I recently liked rhythmic and stylish songs, which are very important in Latin and Spanish music. For this reason, I can say that all percussion instruments in drums, electric bass, and artificial bass. I try to execute them in the best possible way.

A.K: What inspired you to start playing and making music?

Nudaros: You might have witnessed something emotionally powerful, such as hanging out with your love, the death of a close friend, or even the changing of the seasons.

You feel a welling up of emotions that make you want to create or write music to express what you’re feeling.

A.K: Talk a little about the Live Performance. Is there a hall you wish to perform on?

Nudaros: I recently went to a series of performances in the theater in Spain and the Dominican. It was wonderful. I realized how attractive a musical theater could be to me with my performance. There are many classical theaters in the world that I wish to perform in. in the form of theater or live performances with a Band.

A.K: Tell me about your favorite performance/collaboration/song in your career?

Nudaros: At this moment, I love groovy and rhythmic songs in different genres like reggaeton, afro house, and ….

My favorite collaboration is with Rafi, we made some amazing songs together, and hopefully, we will do it again.

A.K: Is there any music you want to explain?

Nudaros: About the single “Peace”. As it is clear from the music, I read this for the recent events between countries. We all know what happened, and there is no need to open the issue. I just wanted to express my feelings about these events; I think people have the same sense. Hoping for a world away from war and full of peace and hope.

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