5 Interesting Facts To Know About Ormus Energy And Minerals

When we want to improve our immunity and general health, many things can help us with it. However, it is important that our allies in the fight for better health are natural, harmless – and that they help us in our goal. One of the best allies in achieving better immunity is Ormus – that is, monoatomic gold. Although many people have heard of Ormus, its properties are still unknown to some.

When You Strive For Health, Turn To Nature

Since ancient times, we have been trying to improve our health and vitality. This was especially evident in the 21st century, when, despite advances in medicine and science, we have faced the emergence of new diseases and pandemics. In such situations, we often turn back to nature. It is in nature and the world around us that we can find the elements that are our best allies in the fight against disease – and, above all, in strengthening our immunity.

One of such elements is monoatomic gold, better known to us today as Ormus. This element is found almost everywhere around us – but also in our bodies. In fact, every part of our body, every cell or tissue – has certain amounts of this element. It is only important to know whether these amounts are well balanced in our body – and whether we have enough of it – so we can keep our immunity at the desired level.

What Is Ormus And Since When Do We Know About It?


When we take a closer look at the past, it becomes clear that even ancient people knew about the existence of monoatomic gold. Yet they did not know how to isolate it – nor did they know how to explain its existence in the way we do today. The fact is that this element is found in the very structure of our body – but also in the world around us, oceans, plants, etc. However, we can say with certainty that the highest concentration of this element is in seawater. If we look at its chemical structure, Ormus is monoatomic gold – which actually indicates that it consists of separate atoms that function independently.

What is interesting about it is its ability to become a diatomic component under specific circumstances. It is this capability to transfer from one atomic state to another that gives Ormus some very important characteristics that are of great importance for our general health.

Interesting Facts About Ormus


Today, monoatomic gold or Ormus is better known to the general population. In recent years, people have used it to improve their health – the interest in Ormus has become significantly higher. This is primarily due to the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are already well aware of the properties of Ormus when it comes to building immunity. Therefore, for those of you who still don’t know some things about this miraculous element – here are 5 interesting facts about it:

1. Ormus is truly a great immune booster

If you are very sensitive when it comes to health – then you have already got a recommendation from your doctor to use certain supplements and vitamins to boost immunity. True, many of us are not happy with the use of synthetic means to boost immunity. That is why Ormus is a good choice, especially at a time of pandemics when we all want to further strengthen our immune system.

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Namely, Ormus is a natural element. Did you know that the drop in immunity occurs, among other things, due to the lack of Ormus in our body? This is actually an interesting fact because we already have certain amounts of this element in the body – and it has a role to play in this entire process. Its properties help us strengthen the defense forces of our body at the cell level. By strengthening our defense cells, this element contributes to improving immunity – but also the overall vitality of the body and raising energy levels.

2. It stimulates the pineal gland

Insomnia has unfortunately become a disorder of modern times. We live at a fast pace – and in a consumer society that relentlessly grinds us down. Therefore, we direct all our efforts towards work and earning. Unfortunately, this way of life often takes its toll, which we often pay with our health. Insomnia doesn’t only occur as a result of insufficient sleep. Some people can sleep for a long time – but after waking up they still feel tired – almost as if they haven’t slept.

This indicates that your mind is overloaded, but also that your body is in a state of imbalance. Such a disbalance is often caused by low levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Did you know that Ormus stimulates the work of the pineal gland? It is a gland with an internal secretion that is directly responsible for the secretion of sleep hormone. Using it enables the better work of this gland, and thus increases the secretion of melatonin. That way, you will re-establish your sleep balance and finally rest.

3. Ormus is a great ally in the fight against obesity

The modern age brings other challenges such as improper diet. In the absence of time, instead of healthy food, we often resort to snacks and fast food options. In addition, we often eat for comfort unaware of the fact that we are not as hungry as we think. All that costs us health and extra pounds.

We will not tell you that Ormus is a miraculous drink that will save you extra weight – but with a healthier balanced diet and use of it, you won’t feel the constant need to snack on something – because you will finally restore the balance of your body.

4. Ormus helps slow down the aging


No, it is not a miraculous elixir of youth, but everything can be explained with the help of science. Monoatomic gold can influence partial changes within our DNA – especially in terms of our susceptibility to genetic issues. When using Ormus, you will not look like a botoxed Hollywood diva – but you will slow down the decay of parts of your body that are exposed to negative influences. Take for example our skin. We are exposed to negative UV radiation every day, from which we sometimes cannot protect ourselves. This leads to serious consequences such as dehydration and aging of our skin – or even skin cancer. By acting on DNA, Ormus slows down these processes, making you healthier and younger.

5. Ormus helps the balance between hemispheres in the brain

How many of you are struggling to achieve better concentration or memory? The most common cause of this phenomenon is a chemical imbalance in the brain. As we know our brain has two hemispheres – where each has its own “part of the job” it does. While the right hemisphere is what makes us creative – the left hemisphere serves us for logical thinking, so it is often called our digital brain. Of course, both hemispheres have a role to play in stimulating each other – to make us learn faster, remember better, and be creative. When the hemispheres are out of balance, it often happens that we are forgetful, have poor memories, or lack good concentration.

All this, over time, affects the deterioration of nerve cells – and the degradation of our cognitive abilities. Acting chemically but also as a catalyst – monoatomic gold has the role of establishing harmony in both cerebral hemispheres. Thus, it helps us in better memory, focus – but also in the general improvement of the quality of life.

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