6 Outfits with Fall Felt Hat: 6 Fashion Tips and Rules

Accessories are a mandatory part of every good styling, and some are even necessary because apart from being effective fashion accessories, they are also functional and practical. Every lady’s wardrobe should contain a good bag, a spacious leather wallet, as well as a sweater, both for summer and for colder days. The hat has always been a symbol of elegance that also has a practical application – it warms the head, protects from the sun and rain, etc. You need to know how to wear a hat, and that’s why ladies who wear a hat always look so elegant and refined. He is something special, no matter what occasion you chose him for.

If you’re not used to wearing a hat, you have to admit that it’s not exactly the most comfortable detail you can imagine on your head, but that you look really refined with it, that’s for sure. In any case, we are sure that this fashion detail will become your favorite in many outfits, but only if you learn how to combine it. During the colder months, we wear boots and a coat almost every day, after a while this look becomes monotonous and requires effort in adding smart fashion accessories to shine in a new, refreshed outfit. Then it’s the right time for an attractive fashion detail, such as a woolen hat, which will give your everyday outfit a touch of chic and boldness. According to Eric Javits, Fall Wool & Felt Hats” are something inevitable this fall, so take your time, read this article and find the right one for you! Read some of our suggestions and tips below.

Face shape


A hat is a fashion accessory that is chosen primarily according to the shape of the face, and not according to fashion. If you have a round face, a cowboy hat is a perfect choice. For people with a square face shape, it is necessary to find one with a narrow rim in order to soften the sharp features of the face. If your face is oval-shaped, whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong.

The color of the hat


In the past, rules were strictly followed that certain parts of the wardrobe and fashion accessories had to be the same color. However, this is no longer necessary, but you still need to find a harmonious relationship between clothes and accessories. Choose one in basic colors such as blue, brown, or black, or if you prefer lighter colors, go for beige, or light gray. It is important that the hat has at least one color connection with what you are wearing that day, but if your hat is the same color like all your clothes, you will look as you are wearing a uniform, and that is not something you want. A hat can be a great choice when you want to add some color to your outfit. If you decide to match the colors, the hat can be combined with pants in the same color.

Fashion bloggers are absolutely obsessed with hats this fall because they can make any outfit chic and original. One of the most elegant choices is the black hat with a wide brim, which has become a big hit among designers and all those who love and follow fashion. Although black is perhaps the most popular color when it comes to hats, that doesn’t mean you have to choose that color exclusively; various autumn colors – from ocher to red are also beautiful and what is best – they are noticeable.

Bad hair day


A hat is a good way to look neat even when your hair doesn’t look its best. What you need to do in that case is to emphasize the eyes or lips with a little stronger make-up and no one will even notice that there is a bad hairstyle hiding under the hat – messy hair, don’t care!

Daily look

Do you know how to look trendy and noticed wherever you appear? You put on jeans, a classic white t-shirt and sneakers, your favorite without a coat and you feel like you’re missing something? The solution – a hat with a black band to match your belt.

Hat + dress

The combination of masculine and feminine elements has never looked better! Hats look powerful on suits, with them knitwear looks less casual, romantic dresses a little cooler, and evening combinations cinematic.

A hat makes you unique

It is possible to find two women in the same dress at the same gathering, but it is difficult to find two identical hats, especially if we choose real, handmade ones. The hat transforms and shapes clothing, it is an accent in the language of fashion. We can say that it has been present throughout history and is a perfect way to highlight your outfit and be noticed wherever you appear.

They are great combined with coats and coats and vests. They give a specific touch to every outfit. However, you should not combine them with feather jackets. Some rules are still not worth breaking, because the fashion combination itself, at least in the opinion of experts, will look tasteless. You can always adapt the color of the hat to your wardrobe, and this year models in wine color, as well as neutral, and gray shades, are particularly popular.

Final thoughts

This season’s trend emphasizes accessories. Fashion dictates that clothing should be as simple as possible, but that’s why jewelry, bags, gloves, scarves, and hats should speak as loudly as possible. All colors and combinations of materials are allowed. During the winter days, it seems that it is more difficult to achieve your style stamp, at least as far as clothing is concerned. However, no season should discourage you from showing what you can do. This winter’s trend gives you a free hand when it comes to accessories. The focus is on accessories that adorn the head – hats and caps.

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