Personalizing Your Motorcycle – 2024 Guide

Custom Graphics for Motorcycles

If there’s anything that’s better than hitting the open road or trails on the perfect bike, it’s looking and feeling cool while doing it. That’s why motorcycle owners across the country take the time to personalize their rides using custom graphics, aftermarket parts, and more. Read on to find out about some of the most trendy ways to add some extra flair to a motorcycle or dirt bike without spending a fortune.

Add Custom Graphics

One of the best ways for competitive riders to stand out on the track or trails is to purchase high-quality custom graphics kits like those available at Unlike most motorcycle upgrades, installing a graphics kit doesn’t require any kind of mechanical knowledge or even specialized tools. Anyone can install motorcycle graphics, often using items already available around the house.

The first step is to remove old decals and get the paint completely clean by removing all of the adhesive residue. Next, apply the new graphics one at a time using masking tape to hold them in the correct position. Simply peel off the backing paper, then gradually apply the new stickers starting from the center and moving outward or working from the top to the bottom.

For first-time motorcycle owners, this process can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Use techniques like applying soap and water to moisten the area before applying stickers so that they can be repositioned and use a hair dryer or heat gun to help the adhesive bond to the surface of the bike. Once the process is completed, the motorcycle will have a whole new look.

Install LED Lighting

There are a few ways to use lighting to customize a motorcycle. The most popular of them is to add strip lights to improve visibility. However, focused pencil beam driving lights and clear lenses with faceted reflectors are also good options to look into when customizing lighting. Neither of them will alter the appearance of the motorcycle as much as strip lights but upgraded driving lights will allow riders to see for greater distances at night.

The most visually impressive custom motorcycle lights are smart LED kits. These thin, flexible light strips can be placed just about anywhere on a motorcycle, and they’re designed to be controlled via a wireless remote or smartphone app.

In addition to single-color and multi-color options, motorcycle LED kits are available as exciting, color-changing versions. They can be used to accent frame rails, gas tanks, triple tees, and just about any other area of the bike in custom configurations for maximum impact.

Upgrade Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust Pipes for motorcycles

Upgrading the exhaust pipes isn’t as affordable as installing a new graphics kit or LED lights. Bike owners with a mechanical bent may be able to upgrade their exhaust systems at home, but most require the help of a body shop or mechanic. That said, this customization can pack some serious punch.

When it comes to appearance, chrome exhaust pipes are very popular. They’re used to create that highly-visible shine most motorcycle enthusiasts crave. However, upgrading a bike’s exhaust pipes isn’t just about changing its appearance.

An aftermarket exhaust kit can also change a motorcycle’s sound. People will be sure to hear the bike coming and going, which means the motorcycle will already be turning heads before passers-by can even get a look at it. Add to that the fact that customizing the exhaust system can give a bike more horsepower and it’s clear to most motorcycle owners why this upgrade is worth the money.

Change Out the Tires

Tires for motorcycles

As with customizing the exhaust system, changing out the tires will alter both the bike’s appearance and its performance. The current trend among street riders is to add wider, beefier tires to their motorcycles, but that doesn’t mean everyone should follow it. Motorcycle owners should choose tires that suit their riding styles and personal preferences and do some research first. Putting fatter tires on rims made for narrow ones can throw off the speedometer, rub the swingarm or chain, and mess with the handling.

The most important factor to consider when buying new tires for a motorcycle should always be riding style. People who are into aggressive riding and extreme cornering will need sports tires that feature fewer tread grooves for a better grip. Long-distance riders who like to take their time and see the sights are better off looking into sport-touring tires designed to maximize handling performance and deliver better mileage.

Adding custom tires can certainly make a bike look cooler, as well. Just don’t prioritize appearance over handling, or it might cause trouble out on a long-distance tour or when hitting the track. Dual-compound tires that feature sticky shoulders and hard centers offer a good compromise when it comes to handling, so they’re a go-to option for many riders.

Install Better Hand Grips and Foot Pegs

Hand Grips for motorcycles

Better hand grips and foot pegs won’t do all that much to change a motorcycle’s appearance, but they are still top customization options. Here’s what newcomers to motorcycle personalization need to know:

Hand grip texture impacts both comfort and safety by providing different levels of vibration isolation and grasp. Billet rubber grips are the most common type used in motorcycle customization, offering a combination of functionality and style. Riders who like to hit the road at night or in cooler climates often install heated grips that allow them to wear lighter gloves and extend the season for safe motorcycle use.

Highway foot pegs are designed for long-distance riding, featuring a forward placement that makes it possible for riders to stretch their legs. Not all foot pegs offer a universal fit. Some are specific to different makes and models of bikes.

The Best Time to Get Started Is Now

Ready to start personalizing a motorcycle? The best time to get started is now. Harness all of that excitement and energy by choosing one or two at-home motorcycle customization projects such as installing a new graphics kit or LED lights, and find a local mechanic or body shop for more complex projects.

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