Buying And Selling a Motorcycle: When’s The Best Time?

People want to know when the best time is to buy a motorcycle. Bikers will say the best time to buy is whenever a person can afford to invest in one. Fortunately, bikes are affordable when compared to most transportation options. However, there are good times and bad times to buy. Knowing when these are will allow a biker to get more for the money they are spending.

When to Buy a Bike

Many people choose to buy a new bike when the weather starts to warm up. Individuals who recognize this and live in a warm-weather area may find they get a better deal if they wait until fall to purchase a new ride. The weather will be cooler, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to ride. Check out to see what is available throughout the year, as the inventory is constantly changing.

The type of bike being purchased also plays a role in when a bike should be purchased. A person looking to buy a bike that is being released for the first time may need to put a deposit down and wait months for the new ride to be ready. If they don’t take this step, they may not get the bike of their dreams.

A biker who is less particular about their ride will find they have more options when it comes to buying. On the other hand, they need to be prepared to buy at any time. When their dream bike comes on the market, they will have the funds to make the purchase and won’t miss out.

Consider holding off until winter to buy a bike. Prices tend to drop at that time, especially in cold weather areas. Although the rider won’t be able to use the bike for a few months, the money they save by going this route is greatly appreciated. These funds can then be used to customize the biker however the new owner desires.

However, don’t overlook the fall if a private sale is anticipated. Many bikers choose to upgrade their bike and decide to hold off on doing so until the next year. They then put their current ride on the market in the fall because they don’t want it sitting all winter. Buyers can get a good deal on bikes if they purchase in the fall from private sellers.

People may need to sell their bikes to pay for Christmas. They realize they cannot keep their rides and buy gifts, so they decide to sell their bikes. In addition, a person may have purchased a bike in the spring only to find they don’t enjoy it. They spent the summer riding it and now want to make a change. A buyer can get a good bike at a great price, as these people want the funds to invest in something new.

When Not to Buy a Bike

Spring is rarely a good time to invest in a motorcycle. Buyers will find there is plenty of competition. They may end up spending more on a bike simply because motorcycles are extremely popular when the weather turns warm. Keep this in mind, and try to put off the purchase until prices go down.

The Best Time to Sell

The best time to sell a motorcycle is in the spring. People are ready to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. They would love to do so on a bike. As a result, a seller will typically find they can get their asking price so long as it is reasonable. The owner might even find there is a bidding war and they get more for the bike than expected.

Nevertheless, a person might find they need to sell their bike later in the year. Experts say anytime for March to September is typically good for bike sales in areas with cold winters. For those who live in warm weather areas, any time of the year is good. March, April, and May offer the most buyers, as this is when people start looking. Sales may drop off slightly as the calendar moves into the summer.

When Not to Sell

If it can be avoided, don’t try to sell a bike during the winter months. Most bikers will try to negotiate a better deal during the winter, as they know the buyer must sell for financial reasons. Otherwise, they would hold off on selling their ride until the weather is warmer.

Furthermore, the owner will discover it takes much longer to sell a bike when the weather is cold. Potential buyers cannot picture themselves enjoying the bike any time soon. Additionally, they may not want to take the bike for a test ride. They know they will be cold when doing so, and weather conditions may make a bike ride unadvisable.

Increasing the Likelihood of Selling the Bike for the Desired Price


Sellers can do several things to increase the likelihood they will receive the asking price for their bikes. Learn how much similar bikes sell for in the area. Price the bike slightly below this amount to attract more potential buyers. A larger pool of buyers increases the odds of a bidding war developing and a seller getting more than they expected for their bike.

In addition, ensure the bike is clean and in good mechanical shape. Many bikers fail to clean their bikes, and potential buyers pay attention to this. They wonder if the biker neglected other basic tasks when it came to the bike.

Take the bike out to different places and post pictures along with the sales ad. Doing so will help potential buyers see themselves fully enjoying the bike in various locations. They will want to take the bike out and do some exploring on their own when they see these photos.

There is never truly a bad time to buy a bike if the rider gets enjoyment from it. However, the same cannot be said for selling a bike. Certain times of the year are better than others when it comes to getting the best price for the motorcycle. With these tips, buyers and sellers will find they get a great deal regardless of which side of the transaction they are on.

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