Power Season 7: Will There Be A New Season?

Power fans are anxiously waiting for season 7, and we are here to answer the speculations and rumours.
Power is an American crime drama first released on June 7th, 2014, and the latest episode came out in February 2020. Power gained positive reviews when it was released and had one of the highest Starz ratings.



Power is a crime drama television series that follows the life of James St. Patrick, who lives with two different identities. The first is James, his real identity, who has a wife named Tasha and a son named Tariq. The second life is where he is a drug dealer and goes by the alias “Ghost”. The show explores the complex relationships and conflicts that arise as Ghost struggles to balance his criminal activities with his legitimate business and personal life. Throughout the series, Ghost must contend with rival drug dealers, corrupt law enforcement officials, and various other obstacles as he tries to achieve his ultimate goal of building an empire and leaving the criminal underworld behind. The show also delves into the personal lives of the characters, exploring themes of ambition, family, loyalty, and betrayal.

The season contains fabulous performances from the cast, and the beautifully written crime and action series were highly appreciated by the audience.


The season has some really good performances from the whole cast. The main cast and their roles are:

● Omari Harwick as James “Ghost” St Patrick
● Lela Loren as Angela Valdes
● Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick
● Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan
● Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe
● Rotimi as Dre
● Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick
● La La Anthony as Lakeisha Grant

List Of Power Episodes

The Power had 6 seasons and 63 episodes in total. The first season, aired in 2014, had a total of 8 episodes. The second season was aired in 2015 and had 10 episodes, followed by a new season every year till 2019. Seasons two to five had 10 episodes, and the last season, season six, had 15 episodes.

Rating Of Power Season

The show has an IMDB rating of 8.1/10. It has received majorly positive ratings from all the different platforms and has been loved by the audience.

Will there be a Power season 7?

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but there will be no new season of power. The story ended perfectly, so there is no need for a new season. Season six was the final power season. However, when the designers will decide to reconsider and decide to create a new version of the show in light of the general reception and demand from the public. Don’t worry; we’ll keep you informed of any developments affecting the series, no matter what.

Other Shows Similar To Power

If you are broken by the news, you should take out time to start reading the books. According to Research Prospect, reading books is much better than watching tv shows.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, we are bound by our screens, so here are a few TV shows you can watch as an alternative.

1. Peaky Blinders – IMDB Rating 8.8/10

Peaky Blinders takes place in Birmingham, England, in the aftermath of World War I. The show follows the Shelby family, who are part of a criminal organization known as the Peaky Blinders. The series covers the Shelby family’s rise to power and their struggles to maintain control over their criminal empire in the face of rival gangs, the police, and political forces.

Each season covers a different period of time, with season one taking place in 1919, season two in 1922-1923, and so on. As the series progresses, the Shelby family’s power and influence grow, but they are constantly facing new challenges and enemies. The series explores themes of family, loyalty, power, and politics, as well as the social and economic changes of the time. The final outcome of the series is not disclosed yet.

2. Bloodline – IMDB Rating 7.9/10

Bloodline is a TV show that follows the story of the Rayburn family, who own and operate a hotel in the Florida Keys. The show takes place over three seasons and explores the family’s dark secrets and conflicts as they are forced to confront their past and present.

As the series begins, the eldest brother, Danny, returns to the family after many years away and causes a rift between the siblings. As the show progresses, it is revealed that Danny has a history of violence and drug addiction and that his return threatens to expose the family’s past misdeeds.

As the season progresses, the family starts to unravel, and the siblings begin to turn on each other as they struggle to keep their secrets hidden. The final season deals with the aftermath of the events that occurred in season 2 and the consequences of the choices made by the members of the Rayburn family.

3. Good morning, Veronica – IMDB Rating 7.5/10

Good Morning Veronica is a Brazilian crime-drama web television series that premiered in 2019 on Netflix. It is based on the book “Good Morning, Night” by the Brazilian author Raphael Montes.

The series follows the story of Veronica, a young and determined lawyer who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind a high-profile kidnapping case. She is tasked with defending the kidnapper, a wealthy businessman whose daughter was taken and is being held for ransom. The story takes place in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and it is full of twists and turns as the investigation uncovers corruption, lies and fraud. The season deals with the aftermath of the kidnapping and the consequences of the choices made by the characters, as well as the relationships that form between them. The season ends with a cliffhanger, leaving a possibility for a second season.

4. Breaking Bad – IMDB Rating 9.5/10

Breaking Bad follows the story of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who turns to cooking and selling methamphetamine after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The show covers his journey over the course of five seasons as he becomes more deeply involved in the criminal world and deals with the consequences of his actions. The series ends with the final confrontation between Walter and his enemies and the ultimate fate of his loved ones.

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