Punjabi Wedding Songs For Brides, Bridal Entry, And Couple Dance

It’s no surprise to say that weddings are one of the most celebrated events in a person’s life. The mouth-watering food and vibrant music increase the overall vibes at the wedding. The Punjabi wedding songs are especially mood-uplifting and enthusiastic. One Of the best features of these songs is that they engage both the audience and bride. So, they are simply superb for bridal entry, couple dance, and flash mobs.

Here’re the most rated Punjabi wedding songs that you shouldn’t miss out on. So, without any further ado, let’s have a quick review of the top-rated five wedding songs.

Gallan Goodiyan

This is a super energetic song to include in the wedding ceremony. The feel-good music, vibrant beats, and lyrical flow are the great features of this song. The song makes a perfect bridal entry song or for a couple dancing. Most commonly, the bride is surrounded by her brothers and cousins. As the song begins, everyone involves themselves and twirls according to the lyrics. It’s one of the best songs even to engage the audience.


This is another super hit wedding song. The beats, lyrics, and music are extremely suited for couple dance. It brings out a lively atmosphere in the event and cherishes everyone. It’s one of the best soothing and sassy appeal songs. Even if you’re not fond of dance, this song makes you move your hips and tap your feet. The simple yet attractive clear moves make a perfect dance for this song.

Din Shagna Da

Din Shagna Da’s song is highly emotional, heart-felt, soothing, and expressive of the bride’s feelings. Din Shagna Da is used by several celebrities’ weddings and other events as an entry song. So, don’t miss out on using this song at the wedding.

London Thumakda

London Thumakda’s beats and lyrics make everyone dance on the spot. This song was a super-hit at weddings. In fact, this song is packed with joyous beats and a tempo that everyone loves. London Thumakda is especially suited for sangeet and other cultural ceremonies in the wedding. It makes everyone move their hips and legs unconsciously. So, adding this song to the wedding playlist is the surest way to bring glory to the event.

Punjabi Wedding Song

Who wouldn’t love to listen to this ultimate wedding song? The Punjabi Wedding Song brings a dramatic wedding mood to the entire event. It spikes up your energy and makes the event joyful. A wedding without this song is just like a dead body without a soul. Fill the great energy and liveliness of the party by playing this song. Moreover, it makes everyone tap their feet and hands. And ultimately, this song engages everyone irrespective of their age.

Kala Chasma

Kala Chasma is one of the popular wedding songs with simple steps. All you need to do is grab the sunglasses and rock the floor with your entry. This is the best song ever for bridal entries, couples, or individuals. Kala Chasma is a sure way to bring a wedding charm to the event. Moreover, it’s well suited for elders as well as the kids. Include the Kala Chasma song in the party to have more fun and make the event vibrant.


Though there are a plethora of Punjabi wedding songs, these are top-notch songs that amplify the glory of the wedding. So, keep rocking in the wedding ceremony, sangeet, reception, or in mehndi events with these hot Punjabi wedding songs.

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