All You Need To Know About Rationale Skincare Product

We are sure that you have heard about the Rationale skincare product by now. If nothing, you must have heard women are talking about it. Many of women claimed they have been converted and that this product is the only one they are using. As the saying goes “Once you’ve used, there is not coming back”. So, what is so special with this product? Is it really good as they say? We will try to give you as many useful information about it.

Here is What You Need To know about the Rationale;


1. Manufactured and formulated in Australia

This skincare product is 27 years old. Place of origin is Australia. Richard Parker founded the product and he is the person who came up with the formula. He developed this product in collaboration with the leading Australian dermatologists. Back in 2012, the company appointed Shamini Rajerethnam to the position of the brand’s marketing and digital coordinator. After 4 years of dedicated work, she jump ranks to the CEO making her one of the youngest CEOs in Australia (at the age of 32).

2. You get what you search for

It does not come with the most retinol or highest amount of vitamin C. The Rationale consist of skin-identical vitamins, enzymes and minerals which are working together with the skin. The product “essential six” circles the complete skincare plan and it did not need anything more. Rationale, with its brand “essential six” suggest that you use it in the beginning of the skin regulation. It is good for rash, pimple, sensitized skin.

3. What It Offers

At Rationale’s Mosman flagship store, you can have the skin consultation. The price is $75 with the very good diagnostic skin imaging, facial treatment and recommendation on which products to use. On the other hand, for $150, you have the DNArray Medical consultation. It has everything we mentioned above and you get the thorough DNA test via cheek swap from which you can find out if there are any genetic anomalies or allergic information about your skin.

4. What you get with the ProCeramide Cleanser

It is best to use the ProCeramide Cleanser once par day. It has the formula that prevents the striping of the skin. Apart from this, it can serve as a mask.

5. Price

Yes, it is really expensive but you cannot put the price on your body. This product goes directly in the skin so when compare the quality and the price, it is not so expensive as it may seem. So, when it comes to the price, here it is. The serum will take you $150, cleanser $92 and the “essential six” is astonishing $915. However, regardless of the price, many men an women will spend this amount of money on the product because as we said at the beginning, once you’ve used it, you are hooked.

6. The famous users of the brand


Remy Rippon who is the Senior Beauty Editor for the Australia’s edition of the Vogue use the Beautiful Skin Superfluid. Sylvia Jeffreys, the TV News Presenter, uses the PhotoDynamic Day Cream, Super Antioxidant Serum and Proceramide Cleanser. Lara Worthington, founder of the Base, loves the Catalyst Cleanser. Rose Byrne, Australian actress is fond of every single products while Pia Miller likes the Proceramide Cleanser, Gelcreme, Catalyst Cleanser and the Immunologist Serum, B3-T Superfluid Sunscreen SPF50+.

7. Sun Protection

Rationale is one of the few brands that leads the world towards the understanding the major causes to skin ageing, which is the Sun itself. So far we learned a lot when it comes to prevention and treatment of the skin from the damages caused by the Sun. Majority of the products related to sunscreen are SPF 50+ and highly fluid. However, they are so easygoing that you will love to put them on. Rationale created the sun protection system that are really working, with no breakouts whatsoever.

Is it Good For You?

After you use the Rationale product for a month, you will see what difference does it make. You need to test it and see for your self. You know the best how your skin works, what are your beauty and skincare regimens. And after all, you know the best whether you can afford this product for your self.

If you have used this product, we would love to hear your comments in the comment section below.

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