How To Find The Right Perfume For You

Finding your perfect fragrance can be a daunting task. In a perfect world you would smell how you want and you would be remembered and celebrated because of that.

If you meet someone who smells good, the brain is good at remembering that. We are not aware how smell works exactly and how strong of a connection does it make in our brains. Descriptions on perfumes are usually worthless, as the buzzwords don’t really mean anything. Maybe some of the ingredients might tell you a story, but even that usually fails. So you are left to try and try until you get it perfect.

Even if you go a want to choose something, after a few perfumes, you may see immune to all smells. Everything get’s mixed up and it’s hard to choose.

So in this little piece we wanted to bring you some tips on how to get the perfect perfume for you, how to choose it and what are the needed steps to achieve that sweet smelling greatness.

1. Don’t attack your nose when shopping for new fragrances


First rule is that you only try three perfumes in one go. You need to limit your sniffing as the nose just can’t handle it. You need to take time between huffs and really try to see what is different in each of them. Don’t attack your nose just like that.

2.  Go with the lighter ones first

Ask the person in the store for recommendations. They will be sure to give you some lighter perfumes first. You should probably go from musky smelling ones towards more fresher fruity stuff. For the end you should leave the wood smells that are heavy.

3. Think why are you shopping for a perfume

Ask yourself know for what occasion are you getting the perfume. Do you want a daily option or a fancy dinner one. This should somehow steer you in the right direction. Be aware that more easy perfumes are worn during the hotter seasons and the heavy ones are for the colder time. Plan ahead and think of what will your bring to that space when you come in with your new perfume.

4. Come in with no perfume into the store

A very important thing! Don’t come in with any perfume in the store. You won’t be able to experience what you need to experience if it’s mixing with your smell. You need to be aware that different perfumes smell different on people. The perfume is almost like a living being, it smells different on different types of skin and it will smell different during the day, or night. As it losses it potency and it mixes with your chemicals, it becomes something truly unique, a real part of you. That’s the reason why we think perfumes are so important, it becomes a real part of us and our image in the world. Be aware that some won’t mix well, so you need to think about that too. Sweat can make some smell better, and some worse. Some woody ones do not go so well with sweat, that’s why those are for winter, well one of the reasons.

5. Give it time


As mentioned already, perfumes breath and you need at least 15 minutes to decide is it for you, or not. The perfume needs to oxidizes on your skin, it needs to connect with you, and after those 15 to 20 minutes you can smell what other people will smell when they are around you. So take your time and give it time. The perfect perfume is not so easy to find. If you really want to try it out, you need to leave it a couple of hours actually. The first note will be discovered after the 20 minutes, but the real test is after those 4 hours.

6. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t like it

So you are in the store, the perfume expert is having you try this hit classic that is so popular and all like. BUT you don’t feel it. Don’t be anxious to tell him that. You need to understand that, fragrances are learned, and this may be the first time you feel something like that. It could pose an issue for you. Don’t pressure yourself into something that you don’t like. Always ask yourself how does this fragrance make you feel. That is most important thing there.

A small guide on scents:

  • Musky – this is actually the “clean” smell, the harder clean scent
  • Smoky – it imitates fire and wood burning
  • Woody – a more heavier scent that is compared to pralines or cedarwood
  • Green – the morning just mowed lawn with some morning dew
  • Citrusy – oranges, lemons. That south fruit flavor
  • Orientals – imagine incessance burning, very strong
  • Floral – FLOWERS <3
  • Aquatic – Watery freshness

So with all this we hope you learned a bit more about scents and perfumes. Once more, this is a part of you. If you happen to come by a perfume that you like, BUY IT TWICE! Have it for later on. Perfumes can last and you can mix and match through the year. Oh and we want to also tell you about unisex fragrances that are fit for both men and women. These can be super interesting and we suggest you check those out. Perfumes in essence should not oblige to any rules and we should all smell how we want to smell! Maybe even try to research what you like in the perfumes you like and try to go with something similar. So with that, we want you happy shopping!

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