Robert Wiethoff Net Worth 2024

Robert Allen Wiethoff is a famous voice-over artist and has been critically acclaimed for his performances. He has lent his voice to games and has made a great position for himself in the industry. He is an American actor born in Indiana.

About Robert

Robert had really high hopes for his career and therefore, he left Indiana to come to Los Angeles. At that time he was dating a woman during his college years. She had initially moved to Los Angeles and he used to visit her there. During his visits, he got inspired to join the acting and entertainment industry.

He auditioned vigorously but he never got a callback. He was very demotivated, however, he finally got an audition call for an anonymous gaming company. Though he thought that he did not get the part, luckily he did and it changed his career growth altogether.

Early Life And Family


He was born in Indiana and his father was a doctor, however, he chose acting as his career option. His first movie was Red Dead Redemption. Later he even performed for the same movie sequel.

He lent his voice for the protagonist, male lead John Marston. John was the character in the video game and an outlaw. The game was produced by Rockstar Games.

He lives with his wife Taylor in his native land Indiana. They met before Red Dead Redemption and got married immediately after its release. He is a happy and proud father to twins who were prematurely born.

His Career And Major Milestones

His career took a sudden rise after Red Dead Redemption. He received critical appreciation in 2013 for the part of John Martson, as a voice-over artist. He was the fourth-ranking popular voice-over gaming actor on the gamer’s list.

This was one of his greatest achievements. Later he was the voice of Lazarus for another game. However, soon he walked out of the industry but kept coming back for smaller but significant roles.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Robert Wiethoff

Robert is a family man and he loves his family more than anything. It is rumored that he took a break from his acting career in order to support his family. His twins who were prematurely born needed a great deal of support from him. He works in an industrial supplies company to support his family.

He says that he was very disillusioned about his career in the beginning. Did you know that he got multiple roles? But he did not get through any because they all appeared dubious to him.

He worked as a bartender to support himself in Los Angeles and met numerous producers, agents. But he never got to see or be a part of any set.

He abruptly left his career despite getting great fame in the gaming industry. However, he never took undue advantage of his fame and stepped back from a life of luxury.

Net Worth


His estimated net worth is between one to five million. Most of it is from his acting career and the rest from his job.

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