Daniele Cohn Wiki: Age, Height, Relationship, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Daniele Cohn?

Daniele Cohn, born on March 7, 2006, is a famous TikTok star, YouTuber, singer, and social media personality.

She also won the title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen and queen of it in 2015.

Daniele rose to prominence after posting her belly dancing videos, acting videos, and singing videos on TikTok.

However, she has got herself into lots of controversies these past years such as lying about her age and talking about getting an abortion at a very young age.

Despite her troublesome personality, she has earned a huge amount of fanbase over the years.

She has over 19.1 million followers on TikTok and 4.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Not only that, she owns a YouTube channel too which currently has over 1.79 million subscribers.

Today, we will be getting to know Daniele Cohn’s age, height, relationship, career, net worth, and even more in this article.

So, keep on reading!!

daniele cohn wiki

Quick Biography

Real Name Haleigh Danielle Cohn
Nick Name Daniele Cohn
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 7, 2006
Birth Place Orlando, Florida, USA
Age 15 years old
Birth Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion N/A
Profession TikTok Star
Height (approx.) 5 ft or 152 cm
Weight (approx.) 53 kg or 117 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Father Dustin Cohn
Mother Jennifer Archambault
Sibling Chad Cohn
Spouse None
Children N/A
Net Worth $2 million
Profiles TikTok, TwitterInstagramYouTube

Early Life

Where was Daniele Cohn born? Daniele Cohn was born on March 7, 2006, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Since her childhood, Daniele has been passionate about music and dancing. Her parents also supported her to pursue singing and dancing.

In 2015, she won Miss Florida Jr. and the title of queen in the competition.

She started learning music and took classes for it at a very young age.

Regarding her education level, we have no details about it currently.

It is known that she is currently studying through online classes and is homeschooled.

Now, let’s know about the beginning of Daniele Cohn’s career and the achievements she has made to date.

daniele cohn as a kid


What is Daniele Cohn famous for?


After winning Miss Florida Jr. and the title of the queen in the competition, Daniele was approached by several brands for modeling gigs.

She has a beautiful face and a curvy body which has attracted so many people around the world.

Hence, she got viral on TikTok so fast due to her increasing fame and beauty.

She started using Musical.Ly now rebranded as TikTok in 2019 and instantly got famous and there were millions of views on her videos.

As she started getting more famous, BMG Modeling Agency approached her and she began doing modeling gigs for them.

The agency sharpened her inner talents and trained her even better than her past.

Her family then moved to Los Angeles, California for her due to her increasing fame in 2017.

She also got to work for several prestigious brands such as Target, Samsung, Live Nation, and more.

The same year, she began her music career and released her first single Marilyn Monroe.

The song became a big hit and it has over 15 million views as of 2024.

Besides the song, she has released other songs too such as Fix Your Heart, Mi Amor, No Way, Siempre, and more to date.

Recently, she released the music video of her song Fuck You which has over 319K views as of 2024.

You can check out the music videos of her songs on her YouTube channel.

Talking about her YouTube channel, she started it on May 4, 2010.

She posts daily life vlogs, challenges videos, prank videos, QnA videos, her songs music videos, and so on.

Currently, she has over 1.79 million subscribers and a total of over 285 million views on her videos.

Social Media

As for her TikTok account, she posts dance videos, POV videos, reaction videos, acting videos.

She has earned over 19.1 million followers on TikTok to date.

Likewise, she is equally famous on Instagram too.

As of 2024, she has over 4.5 million followers on her official Instagram account.

She often posts photos and videos of her modeling, photos and videos with her boyfriend, photos and videos with her family and friends, and more.

Personal Information

How tall is Daniele Cohn? Daniele Cohn stands at a height of 5 feet or 152 cm and weighs about 53 kg or 117 pounds.

Her Zodiac sign is Pisces. She has brown colored hair and black colored eyes.

As for her nationality, she is an American and white by her ethnicity.

Currently, we do not have any knowledge about what religion she follows.

Talking about her hobbies, she likes to read tarot cards, click photos, travel, and hang around with friends and her boyfriend Mason. If you are interested in tarot like Daniele Cohn is, websites such as promanifestation are offering some great options, and can lead you in that world of tarot and Angel number.

daniele cohn at disneyland


Who is Daniele Cohn dating as of 2024? Daniele Cohn is currently dating Mason Patterson.

They made their relationship official on Instagram on September 9, 2024.

Before Mason, Daniele has dated few guys. She dated Landon Asher Barker who is the son of famous drummer Travis Barker.

Landon and Daniele dated for few months and parted ways.

She also had a long time and serious relationship with her former boyfriend and best friend Mikey Tua.

They used to make different couple videos and pranks against each other.

Once, they were under fire for lying about their marriage and pregnancy.

They broke up in July of 2024 due to Mikey’s parents as Daniele was just a minor during the time of their relationship.

Besides that, she has been linked to Ethan Farr and Sebastian Topete.

Talking about her present relationship, she and Mason are currently happily dating each other.

However, before the official news, they were rumored to be dating way before which both of them cleared out saying they were just friends.

In her recent YouTube videos, Daniele revealed that she and Mason are really happy with each other.

They have not revealed their marriage, engagement, or baby plans yet.

We will keep you updated as we get any information about it.

daniele cohn with her boyfriend mason

Family of Daniele Cohn

Who are the parents of Daniele Cohn? Daniele Cohn was born to her parents Dustin Cohn and Jennifer Archambault.

Her mother Jennifer is her manager who takes care of all of her business. As for her father, his profession is still unknown to us.

Regarding her siblings, she has a brother named Chad Cohn who often accompanies her works and events.

daniele cohn mother jennifer

The controversy of Daniele Cohn

What are the top controversies Daniele Cohn got into? 

Lying about age

Daniel got into controversy for lying about her age stating she was born in 2004 but her father posted on his Facebook that she was born in 2006.

Her father also stated that several brands and companies have been exploiting the young influencer.

In July 2024, her father posted a YouTube video titled I’m Over It showing her birth certificate which indeed showed that Daniele was born in 2006.

She did respond to him saying her father is lying and accused him of being a notorious alcoholic person.

Her brother Chad agreed with her saying their father has always been troublesome and doing all of it for fame.

The age controversy was the main reason that Mikey’s parents came forward against Mikey and Daniele’s relationship.

They didn’t approve of their relation as Daniele was a minor according to her father. Despite their disapproval, Mikey and she were together.

However, they eventually broke up in 2024.

Leaked audio

During the early time of 2024, an audio leaked in which Daniele’s mom Jennifer is telling that Daniele had an abortion.

Jennifer is telling her that the abortion had to be done just for her future but that doesn’t mean she would have allowed it for other reasons.

Many fans were upset about Daniele getting an abortion at such a young age.

She also admitted it in her YouTube video Truth About My Abortion.

In that video, she also revealed that the audio was leaked by her best friend of 5 years which broke her heart.

Pretended to be married and pregnant

Daniele and her ex-boyfriend Mike Tua posted a video titled We Got Married which was clickbait as her mom revealed to media that they actually were not married.

Also, they posted a photo of Mikey kissing her tummy and tweeted about her due date which was not liked by her fans at all.

Her coming out video controversy

There were rumors that Daniele was dating Jackie Ybarra after she has stated that she is her girlfriend in her videos.

However, the truth was revealed after she posted a video titled LIFE UPDATE Am I Coming Out? in March.

But the title was just clickbait and she revealed that she doesn’t have a girlfriend and is talking to someone.

Despite all the controversies and troublesome behavior of Daniele, she still has so many followers all over social media.

daniel cohn with her ex-boyfriend mikey tua

Net Worth of Daniele Cohn

What is the net worth of Daniele Cohn? Daniele John is an aspiring singer, YouTube, TikTok Star, and social media personality.

She has earned quite a fortune from her career.

As for her primary income source of income, it is from modeling gigs, YouTube videos, TikTok, social media ads, paid sponsorships, singing career, and brand deals.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million approximately as of 2024.

Now, let’s know some of the lesser-known facts about Daniele Cohn.

Trivia about Daniele Cohn

  • Daniele Cohn was born on March 7, 2006, in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • In 2015, she won Miss Florida Jr. and was entitled the queen.
  • Her mom Jennifer Archambault is her business manager.
  • Her debut song is Marilyn Monroe which has over 15 million views currently.
  • Daniele Cohn and Nessa Barrett both are famous TikTok stars and singers.

FAQs about Daniele Cohn

What age is Daniele Cohn as of 2024?

As of 2024, Daniele Cohn is 15 years old.

Who is Daniele Cohn dating right now?

She is dating her close friend Mason Patterson. They announced their relationship official on Instagram on September 9, 2024.

Why is Daniele Cohn famous?

Daniele is famous for her lipsyncing videos, dancing videos on TikTok. Also, she is an aspiring singer.


Check out the recent video of Daniele Cohn from her YouTube channel down below:

Video Credit: @danielecohn Instagram

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