Saori Hara Net Worth – 2024 Guide

As a model turned actress as well as a producer, Saori Hara is a woman who started working at the tender age of 16 and soon became a popular name across the world. Being a highly skilled professional, Saori is a figure about whom a lot can be told.

To get a close look into her life and to know about her struggles and success, consider reading this article.

About Saori

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Saori grew up in her respected field with her talent and in no time came to be loved by all. She started her career as a model working for the Japanese industry of AV making under the pseudonym of Mai Nanami.

As hard work rewards, Saori’s fame spread rapidly. She ended up becoming a well-known actress being featured on several TV series and movies. Saori has even produced films and has been marked by Wikispro as the actress cum producer with the most popularity.

Early Life And Family

Born in a Japanese family in Hiroshima in January 1988, Saori is known to have a 7 years long professional life that lasted from 2004 to 2011. After a short break in 2011, she restarted her career in 2014.

While her mother, Larisa Luppian is Japanese, her father, Bruno Friendlich is known to have a mixed parentage with one of his parents being Japanese and the other, a German.

Career And Major Milestones

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As a youngster, Hara made her entry into the world of entertainment not as an actress but as a singer. Spicy Days, the theme song of a popular Japanese TV show, The Marshmallow Times was sung by her.

Working as Mai Nanami till 2007, in 2008, she decided to use her real name for the rest of her AV career. Hara had a successful AV career and was featured in several videos and magazines, including the Japanese magazine for men, entitled Sabra.

She even signed a contract with SOD. From 2005 to 2012, Hara was featured in several movies like Yuriko’s Aroma, Horny House of Horror, and Venus in Eros. The Adult Broadcasting Award for the best actor was given to her in 2010.

With her re-entry into the world of entertainment, she acquired the name Miyabi Matsunoi and featured herself in a magazine headlined Rebirth. In 2015, Hara started working for the Japanese TV show, Garo: Gold Storm Sho.

A Few Things you Didn’t Know About Saori

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While working for the AV industry, Saori was going through a depression. She was mentally affected by the earthquake that hit Tohoku in 2011 and stopped working for a while.

Saori had been working for a short time in a bar after she retired from the AV industry. She has been reported telling about her affair with a man 24 years older than her. After some time in 2012, the two got married.

Net Worth

With high popularity on social media and the internet, the net worth of Saori Hara sums up to an unbelievable $5 to $10 million.

Saori Hara is a woman with immense talent. From acting on films to producing films, she has left her mark in every aspect of her professional life. There is a fair reason why the world loves her.

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