6 Ways a Sex Doll Can Help you to Improve your Performance in Bed

Sexual performance anxiety is a real issue that impacts people of all genders and ages worldwide. It can prevent you from connecting with your partner on a more intimate level – it’s a fear that everyone can andshouldovercome.

Sex dolls remain the best way to do this – especially if you’re still inexperienced and lack confidence in bed.

Here are all the ways a sex doll can help you provide more pleasure to your future (or current) partner, leading to many mind-blowing orgasms every time you „do the deed“.

1. Practice makes perfect


First times are always difficult – no matter if it’s your first time sleeping with a new partner or your first time having sex in general, you’re bound to feel some anxiety over it. The more experience you have, the less pressure you’ll feel to perform in bed.

Now, some people may argue that masturbation can’t be considered a real sexualexperience, but we beg to differ.

The main goal of „practicing“ sex using a sex doll is to learn more about your own sexual needs – something you’ll need to know before you’re able to please someone else.

So, how is it different from other types of masturbation, you may ask? It’s simple – sex dolls resemble real women (or men), which certainly stimulates your mind more than regular solo play. It’s the perfect way to practice your „moves“ – the doll won’t ever feel too tired to do it with you!

2. Building confidence


Sex is all about confidence and communication – there’s nothing worse than having your partner complain about your inefficiency without giving you a chance to prove them wrong. Sex dolls are perfect in this regard – you won’t feel pressured to perform well at all! All of this can help you build confidence in bed, as you’ll know how to get yourself off, which will certainly turn your partner on as well.

Again, don’t forget to communicate with your partner. Even if you’ve learned some fancy moves that feel good to you during your „practice sessions“, it doesn’t mean your partner will feel the same. Ask them what feels good, and then perfect those techniques using your doll. You’ll quickly see some positive changes in your sex life – we’re almost certain of it!

3. Learning your limits

If you’re a man, then you probably feel a lot of pressure to last longer in bed. This is incredibly difficult for inexperienced guys, as the pressure and stimulation of sleeping with a woman for the first time can be quite overwhelming.

Sex dolls, as well as regular masturbation, can help you learn your limits when it comes to sexual intercourse. You’ll learn the right time to stop or change the intensity of the stimulation you’re getting. This is called edging, and it’s the best way to last longer in bed, as well as get yourself some really intense orgasms.

So, all in all, sex dolls can be an excellent tool to learn how to last longer in bed – something your partner will certainly appreciate.

4. Improve your stamina


Sex is a very physical act – it requires a lot of stamina. If you’ve been out of shape for a while, you probably won’t be able to make your body move as you want it to. Using a doll to practice your physical endurance is probably the best way to go about this.

As we’ve already mentioned before, sex dolls, such as those found at xndoll.com, are never going to be „ too tired“ or „not in a mood“ for some practice sessions. So, yeah, this way of „practicing“ is much more effective than doing it with your partner, as odd as it may sound.

Once your body is used to prolonged movements, you’ll certainly be able to provide more pleasure to your partner (and yourself for that matter). There’s nothing more attractive than a man who can take initiative in bed – and as long as you practice, you’ll become that man soon enough.

5. You’ll finally be able to take a break from pornography

We don’t have anything against watching porn, as long as it’s done occasionally and in a moderate fashion. Unfortunately, many young guys (and sometimes even girls) fall into the trap of getting addicted to pornography. This has many negative side effects that are closely related to their performance in bed.

First of all, porn isn’t very realistic. Nobody can go at it for 2 hours without breaking a sweat and most real-life people don’t look anything like your average porn star. Fixating on this type of content may lead to you having some unrealistic expectations about sex, which can be a huge blow to your confidence once you’re finally ready to make love to your partner.

Since sex dolls can be customized to your preferences, they’re a healthier alternative to pornography. You’re not watching some other guy „outperform“ you – it’s all about your pleasure and learning more about your body.

6. You’re building character!

As odd as it may sound, making love to a sex doll can help you learn how to respect your partner even more. It’s you putting in the effort to become a better lover, which certainly says something about your character!

Even though your sex doll isn’t a real person, it has many physical attributes of one. It will help you learn some things about female/male anatomy, and prepare you for your real-life partner later on.

Now, yes, this might feel like a stretch, but we truly think sex dolls can make you a better sexual partner down the road, which is certainly some type of character building.

The bottom line


All in all, sex dolls can be incredibly beneficial to people who’re struggling with performance anxiety. As long as you invest in a high-quality sex doll, you’ll probably be able to become a better lover sooner than you might think!

Either way, we hope our article provided some more clarity on the topic in question and we wish you (and your future partners) loads of fun times in the bedroom!

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