Why Sex Dolls are the Future? – 2024 Guide

When sex is considered most of us still have a sort of mental block when we need to talk about it. when you include toys, dolls or AI in the same conversation we are all mutes. Should this be so and what is the future behind all of this?

Sex has been a taboo for a long time and most of us managed to get stuck with that mindset but the reality is that sex is beautiful and shouldn’t be feared or shamed. Talking about sex and all kinds of sex toys and aids can open up so many new and beautiful things and even get to a point where you and your partner are even more comfortable with and around each other. It is a psychology thing and the boundaries you both set need to be explored carefully and pushed with even more care.

As you can see today, we are talking about a bit of an unconventional type of sex – sex with dolls. This is another thing that has been hidden, tabooed and pushed under the rug for some time. The same treatment went for sex toys both for women and men and look how that topic opened up nicely and now we are all participating and changing certain things for good. Let’s make this sex doll topic the same way and talk about why sex dolls, which you can get at tenderdolls, are the future.


We all are aware that our reality and situation are changing daily. New things are discovered, new technologies are popping up like mushrooms after rain and the progress is fast. When we talk about progress, both technological and general, most of us instantly set our minds to default settings like better connections, faster charging, better pc components, software, and home appliances, but we never figure that the progress is also happening in the sex industry.

Just a few years ago, having a vibrator or s vagina toy was considered to be weird and socially unacceptable. The times have changed so much that we now have people owning a whole doll (male/female) and they enjoy them normally, without any judgements. But is this the end of this and is this the peak that sex dolls have reached? We say no!

The future of the sex doll industry is bright and it will be worth billions. The progress we had so far when it comes to design, detailing, skin quality and materials durability, quality and the ability to mimic real skin has blossomed and gone far but there is something on the horizon that will set new boundaries for everyone.

Robotics and AI with a Sex Doll

Source: rollingstone.com

You are aware that we are dabbing into robotics heavily and into AI right? Well, what if you combine simple and basic robotics and AI with a sex doll? What do you think you will get?

You get a whole new level of reality, entertainment and a multibillion business that can’t go under no matter what you do. Sex always sold well and now if you offer realistic sex dolls and some form of robotics and AI you will get something that we could see only in sci-fi movies that were set in the year 2234 for instance. We managed to make robots look like real people and they can almost react like human beings. This is something that is being heavily invested in and researched but it still has its issues.

The fact that all sex dolls that are robotic and futuristic still suffer from issues like too much weight making them awkward to set into position and carry around. There are physical restraints that, for now, limit the movement of sex dolls to turning their head a bit and blinking with some mouth movement with certain models. There is the issue of movement as well because what is a robotic sex doll if it can’t move at least a bit on its own? We have electromechanical and pneumatic actuators that can move robots around in a smooth and realistic motion but they are heavy, bulky and not to mention expensive.

There are a lot of problems with having a fully-fledged robotic sex doll that is autonomous but this is the limitation we have today. The future will bring new technologies and new understandings that will make all of the tasks that were impossible today, straightforward as soon as tomorrow. We all know that this sounds a bit silly right now and that this will not be in development and research for that long, but you wouldn’t believe how many companies are working around the clock to bring you the first robotic, AI sex doll that will make all of your dreams come true.

Source: futureofsex.net

There are more limitations to this reality and we will have to wait for some time to get a robotic sex doll that will moan or gasp at a certain touch, will give you feedback based on what you are doing or not doing and so on. The path is clear and the manufacturers know where they want to get but the goal is to get there first, cheap and affordable to end users.

The sex doll future is definitely in robotics and AI and you and I will see some of this finished by the end of our time which is incredible by itself. This will be the field and a business that is worth investing in and following up on. There will be dilemmas as well regarding consent with something that may be intellectual to a certain point, and interestingly enough we see breakthroughs in those fields as well. We managed to find out that there is a sex rejection algorithm in use and further development. It is supposed to work in a situation where a user is too rough with the robot and the algorithm has the task of rejecting and forbidding any action and thus solving any moral and ethical problems of forcefully using something that has some degree of intelligence.

More will come, more will be solved and it will all be more than available, mind-blowing and more advanced than both you and I could think.

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