Black Rose Cream Mask – Sisley Paris a Review

Another beauty product with a big following the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask is one of the greats. The small pink toned package has a cult status and it is one of the top skin care products currently on the market.

The small bottle even says so, “Instant Youth” and in this short piece we want to go through some of the basics of this staple in skin care.

About Sisley

Sisley Paris originates from Paris and it is truly a luxury brand that has some great beauty products lines. Jean-François Laporte and Roland de Saint-Vincent created a perfume company in 1972 and that’s where their story started. They were later acquired by Hubert d’Ornano who steered the company into cosmetics.

They pride themselves in their use of natural products and essential oils.

About the Black Rose Collection

The aforementioned crème is just one part of a line of skin care products. The line includes the Black Rose Precious Face Oil, Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream and recently released Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid. It is currently one of the best sold cremes in France.

The Black Rose Cream Mask Review


The rose scented mask is a true luxury in the whole sense of the word. Filled with anti-aging ingredients to the brim including black rose, chlorella, vitamin E, Padina Pavonica and geranium oil it rejuvenates the skin instantly. It is perfect for those who need a hard hitting sense of hydration.

It is best used in conjunction with the other products from the line. On how to use it, well you use it a two to three times weekly and after applying it you need to wait at least for 10 to 20 minutes for it to really go deep. Some even suggesting leaving it for a few hours to really get it in.

The benefits are numerous and can be seen right away. The skin becomes smoother and plumper. An instant crush we would say. Intensely hydrating all areas the silky texture of it is something you will start to adore. Over time it will improve your complexion and help with any wrinkles or unwanted spots. As said, when used with the other products in the line, the routine becomes an event for your face everyday.


Pricey but worth it. This is the perfect daily companion for your skin. Be it that you have sensitive or less sensitive skin the Black Rose Infusion crème should be your choice.

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