Staying Organized During A Long-Distance Move: Strategies And Tools 2024

A long-distance move where you may have to travel across continents and time zones is never an easy task. It takes months of planning and loads of hard work if you are moving a long distance. The problem becomes all the more complicated if you are moving with your family and you have pets and young children.

However, the move can be organized and smooth if you take help from a professional SafeBound Moving Company. Professional companies that have a reputation for providing customized solutions for your long-distance move can go a long way in making your move as smooth as possible.

Some Of The Steps That You Must Take Minimize Hassles During Your Long-Distance Move

Download Some Useful Applications That Will Help You Plan The Move

There is no denying that the present age is the age of technology. And not making use of the plethora of applications that exist is quite foolish. So if you have a smartphone go ahead and install some good applications that have great online ratings.

Some applications that can be of immense help are ones that organize a transporting truck or a packer and mover company that will take care of the entire packing and moving process. It is also prudent to install an application that offers real estate for buying, selling, and renting purposes.

After all, if you are going to a new place you will need a new house to stay and you may also need to sell your old house. If you are shifting along with your family, finding a house in the new city should be done well in advance. The new residential unit should already be organized before you move in with your family. So having a real estate application will help you have a smooth move.

Finally, if you are traveling to another country or continent where people speak a different language and have a different culture, you should have applications for translation as well. You must try to pick a few easy-to-use terms that will help you communicate in the new country.

Prepare A Timeline For The Move

Depending on the time that you have in hand, you should allocate time to the different stages of the moving process. So decluttering, packaging, deciding the packing order, and finally, the move should be allocated time in your timeline. Depending upon the number and the type of goods that you wish to transport, you have to allocate time for packaging, moving accordingly in your timeline.

Also, if you have any item like an old piano set or any antique that you wish to transport, you must make arrangements for safely packing it well in advance. You might need special boxes and equipment to pack special items, and early preparation will save you from any unnecessary hassle.

Start Decluttering Your House As Early As You Can


If you have to move, you will have to declutter sooner or later. The earlier you start with the decluttering process, the less strenuous it will be. When you start decluttering, you should only keep what you absolutely need.

Anything that you find remotely unusable or wasteful should either be discarded or sold off. If you want to declutter, you have to let go of your emotional self and be as practical and rational as you possibly can be.

Always remember the more stuff that you have to move, the higher will be the cost of moving them. So if you cannot afford to spend a ton of moving on moving your household stuff, you should take the decluttering process pretty seriously.

Also, you have to squeeze in time in your daily schedule so that you can find time to declutter. The amount of time that you give to decluttering will depend on how much time you have. If you have six to eight months before you move, you can declutter every weekend. However, if you have only two months left before you move, you must dedicate a full week to decluttering.

Order The Essential Supplies That Will Help In Packing

If you are doing all the packing yourself, you must have items like huge cardboard boxes, adhesive tapes, plastic bags, bubble wraps, and packaging paper at your disposal. Remember, you will need to have boxes of various sizes depending on the size of the objects that you wish to transport.

Also, once you are done packing things into a box, make sure to label the box. Once the thighs have been packed, all the boxes will look the same, and you will be left in a great dilemma if you do not know which box contains which items.

Be Present When Loading Your Household Items In A Transport Vehicle

Even if you hire a professional company for packing and moving, you must be physically present when the boxes are being loaded into the transport vehicle. You are the best person to decide the loading order of your household items. The things that you use on a regular basis should be the last to be packed, and the things that you use rarely should be the first ones to go inside the packing boxes.

Take The Services Of A Well Reputed Company

Choose a company that has wide experience and a good reputation. If you are shifting to a new country, see if the company has a well-established network in the country to which you are moving. If any of your friends have hired a packing and transporting agent in the recent past, you can take their advice, or you can take help from online reviews before finalizing a company.


If you take the services of a professional company, the entire process of packing and transporting will become streamlined. However, you cannot outsource the entire responsibility to the company. You know your house and your belongings the best, so you must be closely associated with the professionals while they are helping you move.

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