Moving Supplies Checklist

Moving is frustrating, no doubt, but it becomes more so after realizing late into packing up the house that some supplies just aren’t useful.

The only way to make good use of the packing time available before the scheduled day is to get all the moving supplies needed before starting. A new apartment supplies list makes getting the right packing gear so the move can be more efficient.

What supplies will be necessary for moving homes? Let’s find out.

1. Packaging supplies

Packing supplies vary according to needs. For moving homes, there’s a high chance of getting confused due to several models most hardware stores may recommend. Remember that the right packing supplies make it easy to pack every household item, no matter how small and large they may seem.

Before purchasing any packing supply in the hardware store, here are the most important ones to consider:

  • Box: they make the process of packing homewares manageable. They are ideal for packing small and large fixtures.
  • Packing paper: They are an inexpensive way to protect home utensils from damage.
  • Bubble wraps: they help insulate empty spaces in the box to ensure they get to the new place in good shape.
  • Marker: it helps to label boxes to stay organized
  • Packing tape: it keeps the boxes closed tightly
  • Ziploc bag: It helps to keep small items like bolts and screws safe.
  • Screwdriver: This is a screwing object that makes it easy to disassemble furniture
  • Stretch wraps: it protects the furniture and secure drawers to dressers

2. Supplies for the move

When moving day comes, it can be difficult to get the packed boxes and large home fixtures to the moving van. Luckily, moving supplies are there to help out. Some of the most important moving supplies that will come in handy include:

  • Mattress bag: These are bags that house the mattress and protect it from dirt. They act more like a phone case.
  • Mattress cover: The mattress cover also works like a mattress bag. The only difference is that it does not directly cover the mattress. People use it as extra protection for the mattress bag, so the mattress doesn’t get dirty easily.
  • Bungee cord and ratchet straps: These are security ropes that help tie the load down inside the van so that it does not shake or move around inside the truck during the drive.

3. Lifting and Carrying Supplies

There’s always a 90% chance for anyone shifting homes to have one or two large pieces of furniture or musical instrument. A piece of large furniture is always difficult to move around. Sometimes, they weigh more than the person attempting to lift them. In this case, lifting and carrying gears will make it easy to push the large furniture to the truck.

So, what lifting and carrying supplies should one get?

  • Floor protectors: these objects keep the floor safe when movers transport weighty items from their original spot to the moving truck.
  • Gloves: the easiest thing to accomplish when changing homes is bodily injuries. Investing in sturdy work gloves will make it easy to protect the hands from small cuts, scrapes, punctures, and scratches that may occur when lifting heavy items.
  • Dolly or hand cart: a dolly is often the easiest way to lend moving legs to the furniture. Attached to large fixtures, it only needs a push and pull to get any large home fixture to the transport van.
  • Ramp: people who live in a two to three-bedroom apartment will love this equipment because it allows them to wheel their large pieces of furniture over the stairs without hassle.

4. How to choose the right packing materials for relocation

As mentioned earlier, packing materials are surplus. In fact, it is possible to find more than one tool for things like cutting. For instance, box cutters, hobby knives, scissors, and a razor blade. These items all work effectively for cutting but purchasing all will be a waste of money.

To choose the best packing materials, consider the following:

  • · Write down every item that will be moved into the house

The best way to have a clear idea of what supplies to get is to know exactly what items will be moved. Get a pen and paper and take an inventory of every item in the house before getting moving and packing supplies.

  • · Create a list of supplies

After taking inventory of the house, create a things-to-buy and packing supplies checklist to make picking out items in the mall or hardware store easy. This list should include packing, moving, and lifting gears.

  • · Buy sturdy boxes

Getting cheap boxes or used ones from friends and family is a good way to move on a budget, but sometimes those boxes won’t be strong enough to hold homewares. Ensure that the corrugated cardboard or double-walled boxes can carry heavy items.

5. How to pack the house for relocation

Getting packaging supplies are the easy part of packing up for transit. The actual packing process can be a hassle.

Some of the best packing to move tips that will make relocation hassle-free include:

  • · Plan and maintain a list

Simply put, don’t just write it, do it.

Most people only draw up the plan but can’t commit to it. Maintaining the list will make the experience fun.

  • · Design a packing station

Create a space to arrange boxes after packing them. This way, movers will find it easy to transport boxes when they come.

  • · Create boxes of the right size

If the box available does not seem suitable for wrapping home wear, cut parts together to create the right size box.

  • · Take pictures of electric connectors

Electric connections can be tricky with the whole color plug-in spaces. So, take a snapshot of their connected firm before disassembling them.


Moving is easy but tricky. The right moving supplies checklist will make the process feel less overwhelming, but only proper preparation guarantees this. On the other hand, with professional movers, worrying about a moving checklist won’t seem necessary.

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