How to Stop and Lighten Pigmentation

Pigmentation can occur when the melanin levels in your skin get a bit unbalanced. Melanin is the natural pigment that gives color to your skin, hair and eyes. All these colors can change under different melanin levels, be it that it will go dark or lighter. The reasons are different and can include all from genetics, acne scars or just exposure to the sun. The list of reasons goes on, but we want to talk shorty on how to prevent this.

Let’s first list what types of pigmentations are there?
  1. Sun spots. Most people have them and they will occur under heavy sun exposure. They are not dangerous but it could pose an issue for you if you don’t want them.
  2.  Inflammatory pigmentations. These come after a bad acne outbreak and will come to you especially if you are popping those pimples. The skin gets inflamed after an injury or a big pimple and can turn darker.
  3. Melasma. This is a pigmentation caused by a hormonal disbalance. This usually occurs during pregnancy and may not just come on the face but on the stomach too.
  4. Freckles. The small spots are usually genetics and these come and go with the seasons and age.

Which is good to know is that all these pigmentations are treatable and can be helped. Different cremes and ailments can help you.

What we really want to highlight is the routine by the famous Japanese skin care brand SK-II. They have a natural line of products that can greatly help with all types of pigmentation. The story actually goes that the main scientists of the brand saw the massive potential in sake. The workers in the brewery didn’t have any wrinkles and their faces were just extraordinary. So with that knowledge they went on and did some science-y stuff and discovered a special type of yeast called Pitera.

Piera is a staple in their cosmetics and we recommend the product line wholeheartedly.

More ways to help pigmentation include different cosmetic procedures. Laser therapy or different peelings can help with spots, but these are tricky and should be left to professionals.

Some home remedies for pigmentation include things like:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Green Tea
  • Red Onion
  • Milk
  • Apple Cider

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great source of alone which will lighten those dark spots. Just apply pure gel on the spots when you want to go to sleep and wash it in the morning. You can repeat this as many times as you like and see fit.

Green Tea

Green Tea is also great for lighting needs and the extract is especially beneficial. You can also try with green tea bags if you can’t find the extract in store. The process is simple: You make tea and after it cools down, you rub the bag onto the skin. Do this a few times daily and watch your skin get brighter!

Red Onion

Dried red onions can help you! Some research suggests that this little veggie can lighten your skin. The extract may a tad bit harder to get online, but we are sure you can find  store that sells it. If anything, look for a product that contains the compounds from red onions.


Any milk will do and the process goes super simple. Take a cotton ball, put in in milk and apply it a few times through the day. Watch your skin glow!

Apple Cider

This wonderful liquid will help you remove some dark spots. How to use it: mix a bit of water and a bit of cider and apply it via a cotton ball. Leave it there or rub it in for a few minutes. Wash your face and TA-DA! Lighter skin!

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