What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

You all know that the todays anti-aging solutions are provided as lotions, potions and lasers. However, you must have known this before, but there is more to skin care than some serums and creams.

We are firm to believe that our emotions and thoughts play the significant part in how these affect our skin and body. Even if you are calm as much as you can be, the stress is the normal part of our lives. As a consequence to our lives, it affects our beauty routines as well. You are familiar with the fact that as much you stress the more changes you see on your body. You start getting wrinkles, your skin starts to dry and not quite pleasant, you start loosing your hair. In order to reduce the level of stress, many doctors, dermatologists to be precise, will not only recommend the treatments but they will recommend the meditation as well.

Cortisol and stress related hormones will cause many issues to your health and the skin as well. In order to reduce the stress and get the stress related hormones from your nervous system, it is recommended to approach to the Vedic meditation. With the meditation, you can equal the level of hormones that cause your skin go berserk, to break out and over react. In the period of stress, the blood vessels constrict and they trigger hormone imbalance. All this lead to the appearance of undesirable acne and eczema.

Since the meditation not only throw the stress out of picture, empower the immune system and decreases the chances of the heart related diseases, it produces a natural sebum oil on the skin that are packed with the happy hormones that serves in balancing the skin.

Here, Lewis reveals how even just five minutes of “me time” does wonders for your appearance and mind.

You can take 5 minutes per day for your self. The results will amaze you.

Stress On the Body

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Some call stress as the burglar of the beauty. This is self explanatory. The stress make changes that can affect your beauty. So, when you are stressed, your blood vessels constrict. This means that the stress can let go all types of the hormones which can send lead your body (brain) to decide that the skin is no longer priority and to move the blood towards the muscles and other important organs. This means that the skin will lost the valuable oxygen and various nutrients and it will also become sensitive to pre-existing issues, mainly acne and eczema.

The already mentioned Vedic meditation can help you to deal with the stress in the best way. You just need to understand that the meditation has many types, just like any other physical exercise. Every type has its own result. The meditation is easy to do and it is easily fit in the busy schedule you might have. However, the results will astonish you.

What Are the Benefits?

Some of the symptoms of the skin stress can be relieved with the moisturizer or some stronger retinol. However, the smart cure is to relieve the stress itself. During the meditation, we let our mind to enter the relaxed state. By focusing on the calm breathing  helps oxygenate the body. Also, breathing and the zen state will improve the rates of toxin elimination. See more guided breathing techniques at breathwork app.

On the other hand, if you are unable to bring your mind to meditation, you can try with the yoga poses in order to free yourself of the gravity force on the skin. This will stimulate the blood flow, lymphatic flow and oxygenation all over and through the body. The results will be visible immediately after the meditation, not only the results on your hair and skin but on the mental being as well.

Guide to meditation

1. Cross your leg inside and put your hand in the lap. Do not pay attention to the surrounding noise. Be aware that being in mind with the nature is one of the loudest places to be at.

2. Inhale three times through the nose and exhale through the mouth, slowly relaxing the body.

3. Move your attention one body part at the time from the top to the bottom. You can take small or big parts. To be precise, you can go forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks or simply face.

4. After the examining the whole body relaxing, you just take 10-15 times to get back the awareness back to your breath. You do not have to get the thoughts away or to stop noise from entering the mind with the breath, you just come back to the breath every time your mind wanders away.

5. The final step is the simplest of all. Whenever you decide to end the meditation, you just get your mind back, open the eyes, and take a deep breath and experience the change. ​

Tip: The practices is recommended once or twice per day (easily). If you require better result, you should practice in the morning and in the afternoon. If the schedule is busy, you can even do it in the car after you come back from home or before you go to bed.

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