Game Changers: The Top Esports Titles Shaping the Gambling Landscape

Game Changers: The Top Esports Titles Shaping the Gambling Landscape

Esports and online gaming communities worldwide have gained more popularity and acceptance since the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite the struggling time, the Esports teams were able to keep their fans entertained. This opened up a new career opportunity for the aspiring teens. The competitive pro-Esports teams shaping the gaming industry opened up a phenomenal opportunity for the gambling landscape.

The Esports industry has gained more fanbase ever since various game creators have started hosting tournaments at regional, zonal, and worldwide levels. With different pro players being full-time streamers, this has enabled the esports industry to maximize their exposure by combining other fans from around the world to tune exclusively into these world cup tournaments hosted by the game creators.

Like other games and physical sports, esports fans are passionate and often gamble based on various online tournaments and matches. Most of them prefer to use reliable sites like ( to get exclusive perks and make the most return out of their money.

Famous Games and Esports Titles that Are Popular in The Gambling Landscape

Famous Games and Esports Titles that Are Popular in The Gambling Landscape

• League Of Legends (LoL): League of Legends is a famous real-time multiplayer action strategy game. It is similar to DOTA. There are either three players or five players in a team. The most competitive LoL world cup is hosted every year. To win, your team should destroy the opponent’s “Nexus” within their base. The game was developed by Riot Games back in 2009 and has gained popularity ever since.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO): This game was the fourth in the Counter-Strike series developed by Valve Corporation in partnership with Hidden path entertainment. In CS: GO, two teams face off against each other, terrorists vs. Counter terrorists. Terrorists take a hostage and plant a bomb, while counter-terrorists must eliminate them and defuse the bomb to win. World Electronic Sports Games(WESG) and ELEAGUE are conducted every year. This is one of the prestigious titles in first-person shooter games.

• Fortnite: One of the most recent games that changed how esports works. Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. This battle royal game is where the last person/team standing wins the match. Fortnite World Cup, Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series, and Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series are the most noteworthy esports tournaments conducted annually. In addition to these, FNCS tournaments are often conducted monthly with a limited prize pool.

• DOTA 2:  It is a multiplayer battle arena game developed by valve corporation and released in 2013. The International is one of the worldwide tournaments with a massive prize pool, exclusively conducted to determine the best teams and players in DOTA 2.

• StarCraft II: It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2010. various tournaments and titles, including WCS Global Finals and World Electronic Sports Games (WESG), are given out every year to the best players and teams in the Esports industry.

Popular Types of Betting and Currencies Used

Popular Types of Betting and Currencies Used

Depending upon the application and booker you use, there are many possibilities to gamble upon. This usually varies from betting for in-game items to realm money. Just like sports betting, esports betting usually works similarly. The advantage of esports betting is that the community behind esports is more interactive, active, and passionate in chat rooms and discussion sites.

• Real Money:  Like traditional practices, you can use your money to make bets, and depending upon the odds, similar real-time money will be returned. It is important to test the integrity and reliability of applications before investing large sums of money.

• Fantasy: Fantasy betting usually involves creating your fantasy team in which each player’s performance will be added individually. The person with the highest point wins the fantasy betting. It can be done for points, in-game currencies, or real money. Fantasy betting usually takes a lot of practice and time investment to figure out the performance of various pro players.

• Social, Friendly, And Challenge Betting: These involve gambling tournaments conducted for fun and to engage with similar-minded people. This will usually be conducted among a closed circle of friends in which a custom betting tournament will be created, and individual participants will be given access. These betting scenarios aim to create an engaging group and have a good time rather than focusing on the benefits of money.

Prop Betting

• Prop Betting: These settings are more common in games like CS: GO, where skins and in-game items can be transferred between accounts. Players make wagers and bets using their skin and in-game items, and the bet winner will receive all the props. Such practices have promoted an intense, engaging feeling within the community, as gamers are more attached to their in-game accounts, skins, and in-game items.

• Pool Betting: Participants with similar mindsets are considered a pool, and the total prize money will be evenly distributed among all the winners. Stakes are usually reduced as you will be sharing the risks and wins with others. These types of betting practices are more popular among newcomers starting out on the betting landscape.

• Betting On Particular Players: In these, you will be betting on specific players, streamers, or even yourself, unlike predicting the overall outcome of a match. You can predict and make a bet based on these particular players’ statistics, standing, and outcome. These are more vulnerable to scandals as players often get in bed with the bookers.

In the evolving landscape of esports and its intersection with betting, the legal status of wagering on these competitive gaming events within the United States has drawn significant attention.


The Esports Industry

The Esports industry has changed the way people perceive the gaming industry. The notions and understanding of people have changed. People think of gaming as a stress reliever in the modern-day world and have found their way into esports teams and streaming careers. With these advancements, the gambling landscape has found its way into various esports tournaments.

Like every other addiction, gambling addiction can be severe if you are not financially responsible. While gambling, one of the essential things to remember is to be financially accountable and responsible and watch where and how you lose and earn your money.

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