Top 6 Hand Creams in Australia in 2024

The current year was very hard on our hands. The copious amounts of hand sanitizers were not well on our hands. Our hands are dry and chapped and the solution is simple. Hand cream! Always carrying a small hand cream is recommended and in this article we want to help you find that perfect formula to keep your hands looking pretty and delicate.

So we will review the top 6 hand creams in Australia:

1. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

The Jurlique Rose is a great choice that combines the most gentle and amazing ingredients to deliver softness in a small package. This rich hand cream lists all from Safflower, Macadamia and Almond oil to different vitamins and a beautiful rose fragrance. The non sticky formula will deliver a quick breather to your skin and it is really a top pick.

2. Susanne Kauffman Hand Cream

This is a real premium experience for you hands. Coming at a higher cost with so many benefits the Sussane Kaufmann cream is the ultimate nourisher. The ingredient list in this one includes broccoli oil and walnut leaf extracts especially good for more aging skin that needs rich hydration. This cream will also help your skin long time and make it more soft and supple.

3. OPI ProSpa Protective Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream

The OPI ProSpa is a more affordable contender but it is certainly not lacking in any quality. This cream is enriched with a special type of keratin that will help your nails especially. This one will really give that long lasting effect of moisture through the day. This is really that product you want to apply on your skin after a nice through manicure.

4. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

A heavy duty option that will provide a feeling of protection for the whole day. It is an ultimate formula to keep your hands in the best state. Here we have Avocado, Eucalyptus and Sesame Seed oil to help you achieve that softness. This one will even create a special layer of protection that will keep the moisture so even in extreme weather conditions your skin won’t dry out.

5. Shea Butter Hand Cream

The Shea Butter hand cream by l’Occitane is 20 percent shea butter and a true delight for your hands and nails. Their website states that every three seconds a small tube of this delight is sold around the globe. This cream has one of the most rich and soft textures and in it, next to the shea butter, you can find honey and coconut oil. Get this if you are really in that silky feeling.


This product by Adore Beauty will nourish and protect your skin in a very glamorous way. The long lasting feeling that this cream leaves is something that you need to experience first hand! Ingredients include argan and macadamia oil plus a nice amount of shea butter just like the previous contender. This cream is perfumed and if you want your hands to smell wonderfully, well this one is for you.

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