Top International Customer Acquisition Strategies

Customer acquisition is getting potential buyers for your products or services. It helps increase your sales and promote the growth of your brand or company. You are also able to gain the upper hand among your competitors. Attracting international customers to your company can be a challenging task. If you lack appropriate strategies, you may spend a lot of money, time, and effort, collapsing your business.

However, getting help from a Customer Acquisition Specialist such as SalesWorksAsia, can help you acquire international consumers for your products and services. The specialist is well-trained and experienced to help your business capture the right customers for effective results. Below is how professional customer acquisition can help grow your business internationally:

Define your target audience

Determining your potential audience for your brand or company is the first step during customer acquisition. Ensure your product or service is the perfect solution for the problems your target audience is facing. Do thorough market research to determine the specific people you should target and how you can market your company to win new customers. Identify your customer’s specific needs for effective satisfaction. Offering free trials can be a good strategy for identifying potential buyers.

Develop high-quality content

Content marketing is an effective customer acquisition strategy. It helps establish your leadership thoughts in your brand or company. Compared to the past, nowadays, customers are more informed. Creating high-quality content increases your consumer’s trust. Having a blog for your business, sharing content on social media platforms, and publishing white papers are beneficial strategies to enhance confidence among your potential and existing customers. Ensure your content is informative, valuable, creative, and engaging.

Invest in video content

Video marketing has become a popular marketing strategy among most businesses globally. It increases customer understanding of your product or service, web traffic, and sales. Be creative with your video content and balance between being informative and interesting. You can post your videos on your social media platforms and website. You can include testimonials in your videos to increase customers’ trust.

Focus on Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization involves enhancing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. After creating insightful content, you need to work on your SEO. Focusing on SEO helps improve your content’s rankings on search engines, making it more visible and discoverable by your target customers. To reach more consumers, you can use industry-related keywords or backlinks from authority websites. Optimizing your site for mobile devices can also help you gain more customers.

Offer discounts

Offering discounts is a powerful strategy to break into a competitive marketplace to help attract new customers. Discounts also help potential customers make easy decisions, reward your customer experience and create word-of-mouth referrals for your product or service. You can offer discounts during launching or for a certain period. But be careful when giving discounts since, at times, your brand positioning might suffer when you offer low prices for a long period.

Engage email marketing

Email marketing is an old technique but still among the effective customer acquisition strategies. It helps you target new customers and promote your content, discounts, and product or service information. You personalize emails depending on the stage of each customer. Emails help you to connect easily with new customers. For existing customers, emails update them on any changes or deals available for your products.

Offer free trials

Nowadays, most customers believe in self-service before acquiring a product or service. Most service companies have benefited from this strategy, leading to increased sales and customers. For example, Netflix uses free trials to boost customer acquisition. Free trials give your customers the confidence to try your services or products without costs and any risks. They help your potential and target audience get a real experience of your company or brand, making it easy to trust and purchase your products or services.

Spice up your social media platforms

Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the most effective direct customer acquisition channels. They create a broad awareness-level marketing impact and help you acquire new customers. You can add value to these pages by including paid ads or video marketing. You can go live on platforms like Facebook to talk directly to your customers, answer their questions and understand their needs.

Embrace paid advertising channels

The use of paid advertising channels was popular among many companies before the internet became mainstream. Organizations commonly used newspapers, television, and billboards to advertise their products and services. The Internet has become more popular nowadays but paid adverts still help brands acquire customers. It works better currently than in the pre-internet days. Nowadays paid ads are hyper-specific,   making it a great customer acquisition strategy.

Invest in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you get independent parties like bloggers and marketing channels to help increase your sales in exchange for a commission. You can have affiliate marketers work on a fixed commission or allow them to do your brand campaign on their own on a profit-sharing basis. You can also give them tokens to lure more customers for your company as a way of offering discounts without compromising your company’s position.

Referral marketing

Referral marketing is a useful customer acquisition strategy. It is easier for customers to trust referrals from individuals they know. Statistics show that people are four times more likely to purchase products or services when referred to them by friends, family, or co-workers. To make referral marketing more effective, you can offer discounts to customers who bring new customers to your company. This strategy also helps new customers understand your brand more.

Track competitor mentions

One of the best strategies to know your competitor’s base is searching where and how their customers discover them. Research where the products or services of your competitor are being mentioned. If your competitors are doing well on websites or publications, you can adopt the strategy to boost customer acquisition. You can reach out to recognized writers to help you acquire customers and create future links.

Customer acquisition strategies help grow your company and increase sales. The top acquisition strategies are determining your target audience, offering free trials and discounts, using social media platforms, and developing high-quality content. Paid ads, referral marketing, and tracking competitor mentions can also help you acquire customers.

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