Traditional South Indian Bridal Makeup Looks – 2024 Guide

The makeup can be related to the diversity of India, right? Why not? As each direction of the country is unique, so are the culture, heritage and beauty. To pop up, especially when it comes to Indian weddings, makeup plays a significant role as it is very challenging. Making up a bride is simple. But when talking about South Indian Bridal makeup, doesn’t your heart flutter? That’s because of the authentic artists and their cultural impact of making up a bride. Let’s learn some looks to enhance your beauty, for this keep reading the below article!

1. Magic Of Blush


The most commonly used wedding outfit shades for south Indian weddings are red or white or a mix of them. To highlight a bride’s face, the most important thing is the blush. Apply the blush to the exposing areas. It adds plump to the face so nude makeup looks enhanced on its addition. This contributes to a classy natural look.

2. Sharp Looks

When you just make yourself up it’s very important to highlight things so that the makeup looks bold. Sharpened look enhances every single detail on your face like the cheek one, jawline, nose, etc. Highlighting is not just enough, you need to blend all of those to create a realistic look. You can use undertones of orange along with the darker shades of the lipstick as it creates the perfect contrast to your face.

3. Subtle Touch-up


This type of makeup can be mostly seen in brides of Tamil Nadu. In this the type eyes and chin are the most focused areas. The eyes are made up with a dash of bold was to help them look defined. In this case the commonly used lipstick is pink, but sometimes it might depend on the skin tone also. To make it a bit classy and natural it should be contoured. Another trick to gain perfect Tamilian makeup is to make sure that the jewelry is from top of the head starting with maang tikka and the rest of the jewelry concept. If we keep in mind all of this, you are to be the best version of yourself.

4. Heavy Glow

Here the most important thing to be kept in mind is that to look natural with makeup with a tint of glow and for this best way is to use nude undertones. The main emphasis should be on eye makeup but it should match the outfit color also. Eyes are given deep contractions with Kajal, liner and mascara. Be it as we need a needed glow, shimmers as well as highlighters should be used in a proportionate way. This concept enforces bright lipsticks such as bright pink or red. This type is also reflected in Karnataka.

5. Bridal Touch Up


The main incentive here is to focus on every part of the face as it includes the complete makeup structure of the face. This type can be seen in Kerala where the piece of interest lies in white or golden color sarees which needs grande makeup decorated with antiqueness of jewelry. Red lipsticks are most common in this case along with bold highlighters. Finally, we get the best gorgeous face ever before we set for the new start with marriage.

After all, we know that South Indian colors are unique and great with their own authentic weddings. This theme is widely popular because of its diverse traditions. With the little mix of makeup and creativity you can represent to be the most beautiful bride ever!

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