Treadstone Season 2: Is Officially Canceled!

Treadstone is one of the most popular series. It has been in the news for both good and bad things. Are you looking forward to the second spinoff of this series? Well, then there is bad news awaiting you! This series is officially canceled and will not come back for the second season. The second one was called right after Treadstone season 1 finished airing.

There are multiple reasons why the program was canceled. People got less interested in the episodes as the season went on. Also, the program did not have strong ratings and positive reviews. As a result, the producers are now focusing on other programs.

It is a spinoff of Jason Bourne’s story. This series initially had a good story. As a result, fans keep wondering if the program will be renewed for another season. The first season ended in 2020. Given the program’s high production costs and low viewership despite a good story, it’s not surprising that it was canceled.

The Plot Of The Program

This program tells the story of Treadstone, who is the main lead. The show starts with the Berlin event that occurred back in 1973. In this story, an agent named John Bentley gets away from the Soviets. After that, several flashbacks from the past are shown, and the story then moves to the present.

It is a fast-paced thriller from the same person who made the “Bourne” movies. It’s set against the backdrop of the CIA’s operations program. As a part of the “Operation Treadstone ”, Treadstone is responsible for looking into the history and present movements of certain people undergoing a controversial, covert program. This program is focused on user behavior change treatments to turn these people into near-superhuman killers, which is quite astonishing.

Sleeper operatives are “awakened” in the 1st season of the program. They have to start over with their deadly missions worldwide, even though it’s not clear why. One day, the KGB arrested them. They found out that they had been indoctrinated and had been taught how to kill people for the government.

Where Can You Watch It?


You can watch the first season on Amazon Prime. When it comes to viewers, the first program had 645,000 people who watched it live, but the next week, that number dropped to 1.84 million. The program’s live viewership had dropped to 371,000 people as it neared its end, and it had been panned by critics, which led USA Network to cancel it.

According to IMDB, the program’s popularity is going down. It got a 7 out of 10 rating, which is good enough for more renewals, but it was also considered for cancellation.

This series was rated A, which means it isn’t for young kids and is mostly for adults because it has strong language and behavior that will set wrong notions in young minds.

Season 1 Cast


Bentley, played by Jeremy Irvine, is a spy who works with the CIA to identify and assassinate a critical target. Still, he gets caught in some dangerous international conspiracy. Irvine’s major acting projects include bagging the main part in ‘Mamma Mia 2’ alongside Lily James and appearances in ‘War Horse,’ ‘Fallen,’ etc.

Brian Smith portrays Doug, an American worker whose life is thrown upside down when he discovers some long-kept facts about himself. Matt Edwards, an excessively competent CIA operative who specializes in stealth operations, is played by Omar Metwally. Dr. Vik Ullah in ‘The Affair’ and Santiago in ‘Mr. Robots’ are two of Metwally’s most well-known roles.

Hyo Joo Han, a TV and film actress, plays SoYun, a wife and mother who discovers secrets from her past and must learn to make decisions that will not ruin her quiet family life in North Korea. Joo Han, considered one of Asia’s top talents, debuted in the acting world with a prominent part in the Korean series Nonstop.’ ‘Spring Waltz ‘,’ ‘Heaven and Earth,’ and ‘Iljimae’ are some of her other ventures.

Tara Coleman, played by Tracy Ifeachor, is an investigative journalist who quits her job after discovering a life-altering scandal. However, Tara must let go of her past to uncover a deadly worldwide conspiracy. Ifeachor has appeared in the programs like Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Quantico,’ and ‘The Originals,’ among others. Petra is played by Gabrielle Scharnitzky, a strong, loyal Russian citizen with no time for bullshit. Petra is a valuable asset since she is well-versed in Russian tactics, which is useful when she is betrayed.

Emilia Schüle portrays a Russian KGB spy who will go to any extent to achieve her country’s ambitions. Michelle Forbes plays Ellen Becker, a long-serving and astute CIA agent struggling to strike a work-life balance while investigating a multinational conspiracy. Forbes, an Emmy nominee, is most known for her appearances in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise’s ‘True Blood’ etc.

The cast of the first season was amazing. They did their best, but they couldn’t save the program from failing even then. Even though the story was refreshing, it failed to capture the viewers’ hearts in a manner that the producers expected. The show producers are considering renewing other series for next seasons rather than squandering their money on this program whose next season might fail worse than the first one did. This is the reason why the second season of the show has been canceled.

Final Word

We hope that by now, you have an idea of the shortcomings present in the first season and why the program won’t be renewed for another season. The program was appreciated at first; however, with time, the ratings dropped because of the poor direction and storytelling. A lot of money was spent by the producers anticipating the success of this program.

The producers are no longer interested in investing their money in this series due to its drastic failure. The cast would have remained the same if the series had come back for a second season. The probable plot of the second season is discussed in the article above.

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