8 Reasons Why You Should Try Beach Cruiser Bikes in 2024

Are you considering getting a new ride in 2024? We recommend that you get a beach cruiser bike first! These bikes are more comfortable than standard models, have a lot of style, and are great for exercising.

So, a beach cruiser bike could be your best choice regardless of your lifestyle. Want to learn more? We’ve gathered all the reasons you should give this type of bike a shot below!

1. Beach Cruiser Bikes are Comfortable

To start, beach cruiser bikes are much more comfortable than standard bikes. Cruisers have a longer frame, allowing you to sit upright. They also have more padding in the seats and longer handlebars, so you don’t have to stretch to reach the grips.

A comfortable bike is beneficial for many reasons. You’ll want to ride it often because it’s not as unpleasant as other bikes’ saddles. If you’ve ridden other bikes, you understand that they can be very uncomfortable after a while. You don’t have to worry about that with beach cruisers. You can find different power cruise bikes on sixthreezero.com according to your needs. So, if you want to cycle more, they can keep you going longer.

Overall, beach cruisers are known to be some of the most comfortable bikes. Many people consider this first when looking for a new bicycle to test.

2. Beach Cruisers are Stylish and Retro

Next, many people love the way that these bikes look. They feature an old-timey, stylish design that comes in fun colors. If you search for a beach cruiser bike online, you will see various frame colors and styles.

The beach cruiser looks nicer than many other types of bikes. So, if it’s the style you’re going for, it’s the obvious choice. It’s a timeless design that will still be popular and appealing in 2024. You won’t need to worry about it ever going out of style, making a beach cruiser the perfect investment.

If you want a more classic look for your cruiser, you’ll want soft leather seats and grips with a basket on the front. Thick balloon tires help the cruiser travel smoothly and add to that classic appearance.

In short, if you’re looking for a retro bike in 2024, you’ll want a beach cruiser.

3. Beach Cruisers are Good for Exercising


All bikes are great exercise. However, beach cruisers can offer a more low-impact workout and a more relaxed ride than other bikes.

Many people prefer to use cruisers for exercise because they don’t feel as sore after, so they can get back to cycling sooner. You can also ride for longer since they’re more comfortable.

Cycling is an excellent activity, no matter what type of bike you ride. They get your blood and heart pumping while forcing you to breathe deeply. So, bikes offer outstanding cardio and plenty of health benefits with it.

4. Beach Cruisers are Laid-Back

Next, breach cruisers are laid-back, meaning you can have a relaxed ride. They’re perfect for casual cycling, so many people use them to take short tours around their neighborhoods. You’ll get out, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and have a pleasant ride.

Many people also appreciate that you don’t need any special equipment to ride a beach cruiser, except for a good helmet. Other bikes, like mountain or racing bikes, require you to wear more.

For example, you’d probably need gloves, knee and elbow pads, and more for mountain biking to protect yourself. Most people wear their day clothes on a beach cruiser and are fine. So, you don’t need any special tools or equipment prepared for cruising unless you want to.

That makes the experience much more casual and laid-back, which is excellent for anyone who wants to fit cycling into their relaxed lifestyle.

5. Beach Cruisers Have a Step-Through Frame


Beach cruisers also have the benefit of using a low frame. These step-through frames are very beneficial to elders and those with mobility issues. You don’t need to lift your legs as high to get over the bike and on the saddle, making them much more accessible.

The pedals are also lower to the ground, making it easier to stand up while on the bike if needed.

Since they offer a more relaxed ride, they’re also better suited for a larger variety of people.

6. Beach Cruisers Can Be Cost-Efficient

Bicycles can be pricey, although beach cruisers are usually more affordable than other bikes. You’ll almost always pay less for a cruiser than a racing bike. So, many people view them as a good point of entry for new cyclists.

Beach cruisers also often come with fewer gears than other bikes. That means they have lower maintenance costs as well. A few mechanical parts can get messed up on the frame. So, as time goes on, you don’t have to replace as many parts. Professional repairs also cost less because they’re easier to complete.

You can even complete many repairs because these bikes have a simple design.

7. Beach Cruisers are Environmentally Friendly

Like other bikes, beach cruisers are an eco-friendly choice for transportation. You can use it for small trips, allowing you to cut back on the amount of times you use your car. You also won’t burn any fuel, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Bikes are a more sustainable form of transportation overall. So, you’ll want to get on to reduce how many times you start up your car in the coming year.

8. Beach Cruisers are Very Stable


Lastly, cruiser bikes come with added stability. They have a lower center of gravity, thicker wheels, and an upright sitting position. You’re less likely to lose control over the bike when you hit a patch of gravel because the frame and wheels provide ample shock absorption.

These bikes can also be harder to turn due to the longer frame, but that also means that you remain in control.

Beach Cruisers are Fun!

And, of course, beach cruisers are fun to ride. You’ll want to take yours out every day. That alone makes it a good reason for many people to get one in 2024. There are so many different designs for beach cruisers, so take some time to look around. You’re sure to fall in love with one.

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