The Ultimate Guide to Waist Training: Tips and Tricks for Women

Not all women are lucky enough to have an hourglass-shaped body, and if you are one of them, here are some training tips that will help you get that waistline in a meter of months, but also a couple of tricks you can utilize to visually slim down and highlight your waistline, while you work on your training.

A narrower waist is what many women who were not born with the already mentioned figure long for, but they too can do some things to visually slim down the same and look slimmer. So, before we tackle the question of training, here’s what you can do to visually enhance your waistline.

What should you wear

Choose the right type of clothes

Believe it or not, your choice of clothes can change a lot, for better or for worse. Therefore, try to choose what will emphasize the waist, not hide it.

A top with hems below the waist can come in handy for this, as it successfully hides excess in that area. It is only important that the blouse does not have too many folds and that the hems are in the right place – just below the waist. The so-called Color block dresses also flatter a woman’s body. Every woman would like to have an hourglass figure, and this is possible with a dress whose sides accentuate that line. You can also achieve a slightly lesser waist size and make the most of your waist training by wearing waist trainers. You won’t believe how many different options you can find on this site, all you need to do is find adequate waist trainer sizes.

If you are looking for the perfect pants, consider the variant with vertical stripes. Thin stripes make the legs look longer and slimmer, and a properly selected cut of the pants will help even more in the waist area. If you are more of a dress type, choose those with a waist. As for the fabric, not every material suits every woman, and that is exactly why the famous stylist recommends dresses made of cotton twill.

Waisted pieces accentuate the waist best

For colder days, you will also need a warmer jacket, and if you want it to accentuate the waist, opt for a trendy raincoat with a belt, which so successfully emphasizes the waist. A jacket will come in handy for every woman, and in order to highlight the waist, choose a waisted version of it.

Tight knee-length skirts also flatter a woman’s figure, as they emphasize the hips, which makes the waist slimmer. If you have a stronger build, find such a skirt in a darker color. You can combine it with a shirt with frills because such a garment balances the silhouette by adding volume to the neckline and distracting attention from the belly.

Training and eating routine


Combine the right set of exercises with the right nutrition

In order to achieve the appearance of the waist you want, in addition, to exercise itself, nutrition is extremely important. The first thing that should be done is to replace unhealthy food with nutritionally strong varieties. Different fruits and vegetables, healthy cereals, fish and white meat, and a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and proteins are excellent choices.

Furthermore, as far as exercise is concerned, cardio exercises are a universal way to help lose weight, but in order to focus additional attention on the waist area, it will still be necessary to practice simple isolated exercises. A beautiful and shaped waist is the result, as we said, of several factors, diet, and exercise, so do not exclude any of them, because in that case, the final result will not be satisfactory. Since the exercises for the waist are simple and practical, you can perform them in the comfort of your own home.

Keep your training routine simple, but frequent

When it comes to shaping your waist, there’s really no need to complicate things with exhausting gym pieces of training. The Pilates ball is already an excellent prop to start with regular exercise. Lie on your back, stretch your legs, and stretch your arms above your head. Grab the Pilates ball with your hands and lift it directly above your head with outstretched arms.

Slowly start raising your legs and bring the ball closer to your feet with your hands. Then catch the ball with your feet and lower it to the floor. Both arms and legs are fully extended all the time. Then lift the ball with your legs back to your hands, which take it and return it to the starting position. Perform the exercise daily 3 x 10-12 repetitions, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll see the first results.

Eat foods that speed up your metabolism


Eat foods every day that speed up metabolism and help fight against accumulated pounds. Green tea and cayenne pepper stand out here, as well as protein-rich foods with low-fat content. This food speeds up the metabolism by using fat deposits for energy.

According to a study, exercisers who drank 4 cups of tea a day lost 8 times more fat tissue within 3 months than those who did not consume green tea. Catechins from green tea accelerate the process of fat tissue melting.

Avoid alcohol

According to one study, alcohol reduces the body’s ability to melt fat tissue by as much as 36%! It’s not called the “beer belly” for nothing; beer is rich in carbohydrates, and there is almost no alcohol that does not contain added sugars.

Finally, for quality results, you need to approach the problem of accumulated fatty tissue on the waistline simultaneously from several sides: diet, cardio training, muscle building, and isolation exercises for the abdomen. That means you will have some planning to do, so, waste no time, get up, and start planning.

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