Victor Davis Hanson Net Worth 2024

Victor Davis Hanson’s a famous personality with a dynamic character. He is an agriculturalist, writer, professor, and military historian. His enthusiastic support for Donald Trump encouraged him to publish the book called “The Case for Trump.”

Victor has piqued the interest of many people. They want to know more about the individual. Everything from his family, net worth, and some lesser-known facts have been covered in this piece.

To quench the thirst of your curiosity and dive in to find answers to all your questions!

About Victor

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Victor was born on September 5, 1953, in Fowler, California. He completed his BA with soaring honors from the University of California and his Ph.D. in classics from Stanford University.

He holds the title of professor emeritus at California University and has crafted the classical studies program at the institution. Hanson has also actively written a weekly column partnered with Tribune Content Agency and for National Review Online as well.

Early Life And Family

His mother Pauline Davies Hanson was a legal practitioner whereas his father Allen Hanson was an agronomist and educator. He also has two brothers, one is his fraternal twin, Alfred Hanson and the other one is Nels Hanson.

Victor is married to Kara Hansen and shares two daughters; Susannah Merry Hanson and Pauline Davis Hanson Steinback with her.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Victor has produced many compelling writings such as “Warfare and Agriculture” as his Ph.D. thesis. His book “Carnage and Culture” presents the argument that the military superiority of Western civilization is the product of certain rudimentary facets of Western culture.

His novel “The end of Sparta” talks about a small faction of thespian farmers who collaborated in the significant march of Epaminondas to demolish the spartan hegemony and widespread autonomy in Peloponnese.

Victor was awarded an honorary doctorate of laws and The William F Buckley prize in 2015. His achievements are tremendously numerous.

Surprising Facts About Victor Hanson

The word successful doesn’t do justice when talking about Victor. He has gathered many laurels and awards. Some of the lesser-knowns are mentioned below:

  • Victor has popularly published articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Daily Telegraph.
  • Excellence in teaching award by the American Philological association was presented to him in 1991.
  • He is a vocal commentator of the Obama administration and an ardent advocate for Donald Trump.
  • George W Bush awarded Victor with a national medal for humanities in 2007.
  • The Bradley Prize was given to him in 2008.

Net Worth

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Victor has a net worth of a whopping $4 million. Considering his achievements
and contribution in various fields there is no surprise behind his net worth. He deserves every penny of those $4 million.

He is truly a remarkable individual. His writings are considered inspiring and are very thought-provoking. He has participated in various activities and has been actively local in sharing his political views as well. Victor will be a role model for many generations to come.

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