Fashionable Ways to Wear Casual Clothes in Public

Whether you go out for a drink with friends or go on a city tour, you can never go wrong with a simple but stylish outfit. That is why this fashion trend is becoming more and more popular these days. Even celebrities love to wear casual pieces paired with glamorous clothes at important events. Either way, there are several ways to bring out casual clothes in the right way and look better than ever. A few basic clothes that we all have in our closet will be enough for that.

Dress code

Before we suggest you some great clothing combinations that you can wear every day, let’s look at social obligations and dress code. Many years ago, the dress code was followed without exception. Today, less and less is mentioned, because trends are constantly changing and fashion trends are taking on new forms. The clothes you wear say a lot about you, but they can also affect you a lot. People pay a lot of attention to choosing clothing combinations for the two most common reasons. Wardrobe has a lot of influence on self-confidence and we want to look appropriate for a certain situation. However, what is the right way to dress? This can be a problem, because it is sometimes difficult to say.

For example, if you get an invitation that says casual, you don’t have to worry too much. Then you can appear at the event in sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt, classic streetwear. Dressy casual implies basic clothes, but on a slightly higher level. In that case, just put on a little nicer shoes instead of shoes and that’s it. Business attire involves a lot of variation, but you should never wear jeans and sneakers. If the invitation says Cocktail, then you should dress better than every day. At that time, things made of satin, silk, etc. were mostly worn. You can always wear black when in doubt. Black tie means a very elegant, long dress or cocktail dress, tuxedo while white tie requires tailcoats, and floor-length gowns.

The rise of casual wear

Casual dress has evolved over time, especially when it comes to Americans. This style emphasizes comfort and practicality, and this is not exactly the case in the history of the model. However, the way of life has changed and, accordingly, there has been a change in fashion. At the beginning, sportswear was the closest to casual clothing, but later the style spread to the entire industry. Casual style has been transferred to fashion products, socks, evening clothes and the list goes on. Today it is represented in from the boardroom through the classroom and courtroom. Since we all have the right to freedom of choice, clothing is freedom. Now the boundaries between men and women, old and young, but also rich and poor, are being erased. The rise of casual style is just connected with the harmony of choice. That is why it has never been easier to create a personal style.

White T-shirt and jeans

Now that you know more about the history of casual style, we can start with fashion proposals. The first association with this way of dressing is a white T-shirt. Of course, farmers are an integral part of a casual look. When you have these two pieces of clothing in your closet, you can bring out countless different fashion combinations. Best of all, you have the opportunity to gradually build your clothing combinations by adding various accessories and more.

For example, opt for an oversized white T-shirt, straight-cut jeans and your favorite black leather jacket. Complete this look with lots of earrings, rings or interesting organs. If you want to achieve a chic look, wear comfortable cowboy shoes and a small bag that fits perfectly. Do not forget about the hairstyle, because it contributes a lot to the overall look. The messy bun will be a great ending in that case. However, if you want something more comfortable, just change your shoes. Instead of cowboy shoes, opt for a timeless sneaker like Nike Air Jordan. Don’t forget to cuff your jeans to highlight the unforgettable logo.

Silk dress and sweater

If you want to achieve a fancy look with simple basic pieces of clothing, then opt for a middle dress and crop top sweater. You can experiment a lot with colors here, but you will never go wrong with pastel colors. The more different shades you choose, the better your look will be, so be creative and let your imagination run wild.

For example, opt for a soft blue silk dress, a dark blue sweater and a pink handbag. One of the good choices are nude slippers or sneakers. As for accessories, choose square glasses with a yellow frame. Let your hair fall freely on your shoulders or face. To add more drama, pair some trendy enamel pins with your apparel by Lastly, don’t forget to add a touch of glamor with some cute silver earrings and rings. With these simple pieces, you can achieve a fabulous look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Straight-leg jeans and a bucket hat

For a completely relaxed look, we always recommend wide jeans that completely cover the shoes. Upstairs you can wear a crop top t-shirt or an oversized t-shirt with an interesting print. However, what will complete the look is definitely the popular bucket hat.

You can opt for a famous designer to achieve a higher level of casual fashion combination. In addition, choose a bucket hat, which GstreetCool includes in many of its combinations and your favorite model of glasses. Depending on the weather, wear an oversized fur coat or stay in a T-shirt.

Bomber jacket and Mini Belt Bag

To achieve this look, you need to have one Bomber jacket in your closet, high-waist Wide leg jeans and a nude bodysuit. You will complete the overall look with white square frame sunglasses and a Mini Belt Bag in black and white. You can also opt for ankle boots or plain sneakers. Consider a wet look hairstyle.


Basic clothes are great because they give you countless clothing combinations. So, you can choose exclusively nude colors or you can experiment with a lot of colors. Best of all, with basic pieces of clothing, you can dress in layers and achieve a very interesting look. For example, a casual dress can be paired with a bomber jacket and you will immediately get a different look. Casual is diverse and prone to change, but you will always look great.

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